A Child Giving Birth to a Child?

by cynthiachu on October 30, 2013 - 11:27pm


Giving birth is one of the most important aspects of the continuity of the human race. A few centuries ago, it was found common that mothers gave birth at an early age, such as 12 years old. However, today, the pregnancy’s tendency has changed and giving birth at an early age is found to be a disadvantage. I wanted to read about this article because it suggested that the rate of teen pregnancy was increasing in Canada, and it concerns me because of the outcomes it has on the teenagers of my generation.

In this article, it shares that Canada sees an important increase of teen pregnancy in 2013. In Quebec, out of every 12 teenage girls, one becomes pregnant before getting 18 years old in 2013. It is also stated that teenage pregnancies have increased by a rate of 5% higher than 10 years ago.

I wanted to write about this article because being a mother requires a lot of responsibilities and it concerns me because more teenagers become mothers nowadays. Even though some teenage mothers can get help from their relatives, most of them still can experience difficulty throughout this phase. In fact, young mothers usually find themselves alone in their situation. Des Rosiers-Lampe and Frappier study shows that teenage father usually involve themselves very poorly in their role of father. It claims that young fathers often abandon his role during the mother’s pregnancy or shortly after the birth. Therefore, teenage mother often find themselves alone and with poor resources to help them.

In addition to find themselves alone, there are some negative effects of being a single teenage mother on the concerned mothers. According to Loignon, they usually face poor life habits, stress, social isolation, depression, and also low education level. In fact, according to studies in Canada and the United States, young mothers are found to be more likely to leave school or to attain low level of education, and therefore, missing out job opportunities or reaching professional impasses.  

Also, giving birth when the mother is a teenage mother does not only affect negatively and medically the mother but also the baby. According to Discovery (Fit & Health), the mothers can suffer from high blood pressure whereas the newborns are more likely to have low birth weight, which is mostly linked to infant mortality and organ failures.

Overall, I think we should improve the sexual education of the actual and the next generations in order to reduce the accidental inconveniences that can happen to the psychological and social sphere of the mother’s life and also to reduce the risks of having complication with both the mother and the baby’s health.





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