Bishop’s University sued

by mike_parent on September 11, 2013 - 12:03pm

Former player Kevin Kwasny sue Bishop’s University on a decision that his coaches took on sending him on the field during the same game he suffered a concussion. Two years after his injury, the former football player is still in rehab for his mobility and strength. Kwasny sue the university for not less than 7 million dollars. Some People may say it is inappropriate to sue the school for that amount of money but it is really not that big compared to what he has to live with for the rest of his life. During the halftime of the game on September 10, 2011, he was drive to the hospital suffering from blood to the brain and where he was in a critical situation. Think about it, his and the rest of his family’s life has changed forever.




I personally think that it was a stupid call from the coaches to put him back in the game after him complaining of headaches and that the impact of the hit was very hard. On a football field, big hits can happen often and players do injured themselves by taking part of those hits but do the coaches need to be coached for those common sense decision? You do not put a guy back on the field if he has a headache and feel pain from the neck up. Usually athletic therapists that are with the team have the last word on if a player is good to go back out on the field or not. With that kind of story coaches from every sport must take care of those head injuries because those are the most dangerous ones in sports whether you play football or softball.

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