Birkenstocks fashion trend again?

by gabizawa on September 18, 2013 - 9:32pm


When we think about Birkenstocks, we are thinking about hippies. What if I announced you that Birkenstocks are now back on trend? Who would trust that fashion and comfort exist in a same pair of shoes? At our surprise, this article showed that 2013’s trends include Birkenstocks.


The idea about wearing Birkenstocks might came because of Steve Jobs. We can see that his technologies are trend like his sandals. He didn’t like to wear shoes but he had no choice. Birkenstocks was a sign of defiance for him. His ideas about apple were the same as his sandal’s were. You don’t  need to succumb to other’s pressure and go to your own rhythm. He wants to serve his consumers the best he could, with functional products, like Birkenstocks creator did. When an article on Celine’s spring summer 2013 showed a picture of an important designer wearing Birkenstocks, they were back on the map. Other designers, started to create their own pair of Birkenstocks with studs, gold, fur, etc. A way that we can’t resist to the comfort of them and the beauty of their fashion look. Even Vogue like their “coming back” in fashion. Many celebrities were wearing Birkenstocks this summer, 90’s trend is now the 2013’s one. But trends are always changing, no one know how many time they will be worn.


If I’m thinking about what is a good and critical article, I would say that this was a great representation. The article’s author showed counter examples about the back of Birkenstocks in this year’s trend. Even if it’s a business newspapers, we could count the author as an expert. Isabel Wilkinson is Fashion & Arts Editor. We could say that her article was based on reliable sources not outdated. That’s why I think it’s a strong article based on 2013’s fashion trend.


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