by andree-anne talbot on September 27, 2013 - 5:42pm

We all know that kids have to be active and they most play outside and practice sports or else, lots of massive consequences could occur such as obesity. Obviously, sports seem to be a better option for children. The point is we have to be careful with that, or maybe tell kids to be careful and warn them about the fact that sports can also leads to some health issues. According to Kate Carr, president of Safe Kids Worldwide, there are too many kids getting hurt while practicing a sport.



In this article, it gives series of facts and numbers. For example, 1, 35 million young athlete have important injuries per year and each 25 seconds a child or a teen has to go to the emergency for a sport injury. We don’t know if all of these facts are worldwide, or representative of the U.S.A. only or Canada only or Europe or North America and even if it often mention some U.S places and organisms, we can’t really tell about that. Anyhow, the facts are interesting and still showing that there are way too much sports injuries.

One cool thing about this article is that a kind of diagram to demonstrate the main injuries and body parts that get injured the most is included.


Sport should be good for kids; it isn’t supposed to get them to the hospital!


Here’s the link to the article:


Click on that link if you want to learn more about youths and sports injuries, it is a small guide for parents:

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