Are Homosexual and Heterosexual Parents Equal?

by cynthiachu on September 18, 2013 - 9:30pm


It has been a long time since the homosexual couples have fought for their rights and for the respect they deserve as individuals. Nowadays, many countries have legalized same-sex marriage and many places in the world have even developed a gay village. However, this path leading to equality does not please everyone. In Russia, for example, the government does not even recognize the same-sex couple parents as legit. What interested me about this title is that it wants to remove from a child the love of his parents.

In this article1, Alexei Zhuravlyov, a member of the President Putine, has strongly considered the fact of taking away the children from the homosexual parents. Consequently, that member has set up a draft law adding ‘’homosexuality’’ to the list of conditions allowing the government to take the custody of a child as same as drug use and child abuse cases. And apparently, there is a strong chance that the proposal may become a law.

What shocked me the most about this article was that in Soviet Russia and probably many other countries still consider homosexuality as a ‘’disease’’ that requires medical treatment or even a crime that deserves to be prosecuted. I do not think that the gender or the sexual orientation of a person may have anything to do with the education of a child. According to Benjamin Siegel and Ellen Perrin, professors of paediatrics2, the wellbeing of a child is more affected by the parents’ relationship, sense of competence, as well as social and economic support than their sexual orientation. Therefore, I do not think at all that, in a family, there needs to be both a female and a male figure. Times have change and the homosexual community certainly deserves the same rights and freedoms as heterosexuals.





Marriage is supposed to be one of the most memorable and excited moments of our lives, I do not see how being homosexual or heterosexual makes a difference. It's pathetic that still to this day, many countries the law states that gays are allowed get married to their spouses.
My gay friends aren’t stereotypes, they’re real people with real hearts and their love for their partners is just as precious as the love between a man and a woman. And they want to get married for exactly the same reasons as everyone else does. They’re in love. They want to make a commitment to each other.
I don’t see how allowing same-sex couples to get married hurts anyone else. Every mum wants to see her son or daughter get married. It shouldn’t make any difference if her kid’s gay or not.
Having parents of the same-sex is great, I know of many people in that situation and they would not wish for anything else. They were put in foster homes and are so grateful to have such loving parents to have adopted them.

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