Are Hijabs Dangerous or Is Quebec Only Close-minded?

by cynthiachu on September 4, 2013 - 11:18pm


It is not the first time that Medias have reported event linked to religious or even racial discriminations. What really made me curious about reading this article is to know that people from different religion such as Muslims are being rejected from soccer leagues because they are wearing religious symbols such as headscarf.

In the National Post article, the journalist shares the story of a little Muslim girl in Gatineau (Quebec) who was expelled from her soccer team because she only wanted to play soccer and wear her hijab at the same time. Thereafter, this story has ben widespread and many people and groups, such as the Canadian Soccer Association, have denounced the Quebec Soccer Federation’s excuse saying that hijab may hurt another player on the field.

Strangely, Quebec is the only place in Canada to forbid their players to wear headscarf in a soccer league. In fact, the International Football Association Board, for instance, has recently allowed the wear of hijab on soccer fields by assuring that there is no medical proof that hijab may cause injury to others.

I think that, since the International Football Association Board has affirmed that hijab on soccer field can do no harm, I do not know how people could think of other valid reasons to forbid Muslim kids to play soccer. Moreover, i do believe we live in a world where one has the right of freedom. If not, it may violate the second article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights proclaiming that everyone is entitled to have all the rights and freedom without being distinguished by their race or their religion. So, surely, I do think that anyone, even the little girl from Gatineau, could play soccer even when wearing a headscarf.


I believe that if Quebec is really a secularist society we should not be banning other religious symbols because of our beliefs. I disagree with the fact that they banned the use of the hijab because it's not being respectful of other religions in our multicultural society because we need to have the respect with other religions to have a society that will be balanced and equal. If we don't unban it we should then just stamp that we are not accepting of other religions on our foreheads.

I believe the Hijab has always been a hard subject to talk about especially in Quebec. Muslims who wear the Hijab wear it because it is part of their religion and being denied the right to express your religion is wrong in my opinion. Also, Quebec is full of diversity of cultures and is said to be struggling to preserve its culture. The Hijab could be considered as an attack on Quebec’s culture some would say. In this case two values can also be conflicting while being the same embraced for both viewpoints. In both cases the main value is freedom, freedom to express ones culture, they are conflicting in this situation since both have different cultures and both want to express their cultures. Again it depends on each person’s personal opinion, whether it is protecting Quebec’s own culture or the right to express your own culture in Quebec, the debate could go on for a while.

I think that the link you made with the little girl’s story is really interesting, as it served like a good basis for your main argument. Considering the fact that the hijab was medically proved to be safe, it is evident that there was discrimination towards the young girl. Quebec is a very multicultural place and is open-minded compared to other places. However, in my opinion, the province presents certain closed-mindedness towards religion with the restriction of the hijab, as there is no valid reason for this prohibition. If Quebec continues in this direction to preserve its culture, it might start to lose its diversity and open-mindedness. If Quebec wants to have the right to preserve their culture, the same goes with Muslims.

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