Alcohol Does Not Rhyme With Gambling

by cynthiachu on August 28, 2013 - 11:23pm

Physical and mental health problems are sadly part of the reality that one probably might face one day or another. However, even if there are many ways to help enhancing them, there are much more ways to poison them, and addiction problem is surely one of them. In fact, what first caught my attention about the article was the fact that the title was talking about two major problems that I would not imagine to be linked together. I do believe that mixing alcohol with gambling would worsen the problem.

I find it more and more alarming that people these days value more the importance of making money than to assure the safety and the health of each. In fact, we can see in the text that the government of Quebec has given the permission to casinos to sell alcohol to players at their gambling tables. This, without much surprise, creates lots of controversies, and most of the critics are about the justification of the government saying that it will attract more customers from illegal casinos and that it will help increase the revenues of Loto-Québec. Sadly, they just do not see that this legalization is making more harm than good. In fact, selling drinks to gamblers will just increase their addiction problem to most of them.

I am writing about this article to emphasis an important issue. Not only the fact they are allowing alcohol and gambling together, but also the fact that we should really start to question humans’ priorities nowadays. Moreover, they are putting people at risks (both the casino’s customers and the gamblers’ entourage) in the name of profitability of revenue. Because of the fact that alcohol does reduce their capacity of concentration and judgement, gamblers tend to bet more than usual which does not help their addiction problem. I care because I am part of the generation that all these repercussions will end up affecting. It would not even surprise me a bit if all individuals would consider wealth as important as a human life itself…or even more.

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