What characterizes the last story in a TV news broadcast

by florencemarcalexis on October 5, 2013 - 3:08pm

Going back to the first civilizations, no such things as internet or television existed. When an important event occurred people only found out by hearing it from other people. During the medieval ages, people were even paid to yell the story from a street corner as town criers. Starting from these ages we saw the evolution of media and the way that news were told.

At one point we saw the invention of the newspaper, one of the old methods of sharing news that is still in operation today. Still through evolution television was created, a way that people didn’t have to read anymore. When the internet made its first appearance, news began to be shared through this new medium. Today, news can be transmitted through multiple ways, all of them effective. With television as a medium, directors of news channel decided to present the news in a certain order which would keep the viewer or reader attentive. A generalisation of the last story of a TV news broadcast is possible, but what characterises it?

TV news broadcast generally end on a good note. The last story of the broadcast is often a happy story, contrary to the rest of the broadcast. During the entire show, the viewers are informed on what is going wrong in the world. The news is dramatic and has a tendency to make the viewers feel insecure. This makes sense since they listen to the news to hear that others have it worse than them, that life is not so bad compared to what might be going on in Syria for example. When the viewer compares his or her daily problems to that of the families, who are torn apart by war, in Syria, they seem less important.

However, the viewer can feel bad that they have it much easier than others and all because they live in another part of the world. The News would not be so important and watched if they showed what is going well in the world. Instead of feeling better about themselves, viewers might have the opposite reaction. After seeing everything that is going badly in the world, it is possible to be afraid. For example, stories of massacres in primary schools in the United States of America or of a bombing at the Boston Marathon are enough to bring out the paranoia in all of us.

Knowing that this insecurity is widely felt, news stations make the effort to end on a good note, whether it be a story of a local hero who has been helping the homeless for twenty years, a local fundraiser bringing in three times the number of participants expected or even a dog who saves his owner’s son from drowning in a river. So, news TV broadcast’s last stories can be characterized by several things. They are generally happy, feel-good stories. They also are often local stories and inspire us to be better people. 


I think the same way as you do. The last story is always a good one and it ends the program on a good note to remind people that everything's not lost. I liked the part where you were saying that people were watching the news to hear that their situation is better than other's. In fact, this is a thing that I don't appreciate: local news are becoming so rare. Yes, I'd like to know what's happenning in Syria, but I would sometime also like to hear about my local community.

Nice blog by the way!

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