Television Addiction

by cfab99 on October 6, 2013 - 9:55pm

By Carlos Fabris and Cynthia Schultz


In today’s society, television plays a huge role in our lives. Many North Americans are addicted to watching television and it still impacts those who watch it less often. Not only are the television programs very interesting and captivating, TV networks also strategically place their different shows in order to keep our eyes stuck on the screen 24/7. This makes it really hard to make an individual ever stop looking at TV because whenever an interesting program finishes, there’s always another one on another channel that starts. The following will explain the various techniques television stations use to control the attention of viewers.


Many different strategies are used by networks in order to increase the audiences for their programs. Some are these strategies are noticeable on the television channels but also on the online websites. For example, on television they will most often use advert promoting a certain show, the advert are played continually to make the viewers eager to watch the show. Other than advert, they give us sneak peaks of episodes. Most of the time they are placed at the end of an other show, in between breaks or before the show in the ad starts. They are also very strategic with the way tha ads are filmed, making them either funny or sac, and even scarry. By playing with those emotions, they can make more people want to watch the program. A variety of other strategies can be seen on websites, like posting intriguing synopsis or beautiful pictures depicting shows. There is an other strategie that’s used but by just few network, they post extra scenes of the next episode that are available only online. Some channels prefer keeping viewers when on popular show is playing somewhere else. The strategy they use is by scheduling, at the same time of the other popular shows, weekly series that has been playing for a long time.    


There is many different strategies existing in order to increase audiences of particular shows. All of them have the same result, making us TV addicts. Even though the rage of possibility is big, television networks all use the same strategies, they use them all and everywhere. Therefore, it’s near impossible not wanting to watch donzens of different shows. 


Tijani Umar:
I totally agree with your opinion, in the society in which we live in I have noticed that more and more people are getting addicted to television and we tend to trust authority when it comes to building our epistemology. In my opinion, this growing problem is really controversial and we should really do something about it! Everybody should be more active! Like me, a really active young man!

They know exactly how to manage their schedule to reach a maximum audience. They evaluate the average age of the targeted audience of a specific show and then broadcast it at the time that they would judge to be the best to cumulate the largest audience. i.e : kids' shows can mostly be seen in the morning. Also, family shows will generally be aired in the 17h-19h period.

There is no doubt in my mind that this isn't true. TV has become a lifestyle for us in modern day society and it is an addiction for a lot of people. This article is very truth revealing and is a great description of television addiction amongst modern day society.
-Jonathan Greco

I totally agree with the opinion stated, television has become an addiction to many people, and continues to worldwide and generations to come. Further more I agree with how In todays society the vast majority of viewers are targeted in such a way that they end up being swallowed into the television world.

I think that Television is becoming more and more popular because of the low level of content in it. You're back home, it's 5 pm and you want to relax, you turn the TV on, but what will you watch? Obviously you want to have a good moment and enjoy it, so you're not going to look a political debate that need a lot of concentration and reflection, you're going to watch a style of TV show like Jersey Shore. The thing with these type of television show is that they are easy to watch because they just make fun of people, they don't have real thoughts and they contain no intellectual content. I think that television should provide more accuracy information program and less celebrity based show. These type of lazy TV show, if we can call it like that, have many negatives effect on our life style, like obesity and lack of education. We should be careful of what type of TV show we are looking at and the amount of time we spend in front of a Television.

I enjoyed reading this post because I found it very relevant and interesting. Although this was written last year, I still believe that the issue of watching television to be relevant. I agree that in modern day society, television plays a huge role of our lifestyle. As television programs’ main purposes are to entertain and advertise, they are finding new ways to get the population hooked. However, I do see a correlation to the amount of television watched and the rate of child obesity. Studies have proven that the more children watch television, the more likely they are to gain weight. These captivating programs have several impacts on children. Television reduces time for physical activity, promotes unhealthy and high in sugar foods, interfere with sleeping patterns and allow more time for snacking. Although media continues to rise, they should remain aware of their negative effects on our youth’s well-being. For example, television programs can make the heroes of the shows very athletic people or better yet, only advertise healthy snack on young children TV shows. There are many realistic ways to reduce childhood obesity rates when it comes to media. The media simply needs to be willing to change their tactics to better our society’s well-being. (Here is the website I used for the correlation )

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