Is a mind a terrible thing to waste ?????

by gmorg1 on April 25, 2014 - 11:41pm

Today as I was reading a blog I was very fortunate with my ability to be able to find one in particular that happens to discuss homelessness and the medical issues that a lot of these people face. This blog talks of a specific Non-Profits Organization that is a very reputable one for various reasons.  Refuge Father's House welcomes every evening nearly 170 homeless men aged 25 years and older. Ce service d'hébergement à court terme est offert 365 jours par année. This hosting service is offered short-term 365 days a year (www.masondupere). This program works to help those homeless people that need more time in the shelter to have it to be able to get them private time to allow them to be able to get all parts of their lives together. The reintegration program provides an affordable room along with legal support, health care services, free meals, laundry, and internet access.  The theory for change with this program is that they are noticing that over 45% of homeless people also have some sort of mental issue, so if they take the time to deal with all issues in the person’s life it will be more effective when a more permanent housing is found (www.maisondupere).  Where the intended benefit for this program is to make it to where when these people leave they have an environment set up so that they have housing on a permanent basis allowing for them to thrive.  The initial part would be identifying all medical aspects needed along with the housing needs. The intermediate part would have to be getting them into the private housing so that they can get their lives better organized and healthier.  With the long term goal being permanent housing and needed medical care, as the inputs for this that allow more funding for the homeless societies.  The $2.5 million expansion is funded in part by the federal government's Canadian Homelessness Partnering Strategy ($700,000), the Caisse Desjardins du Quartier Latin cooperative financial group ($200,000) and the Maison du Père Foundation ($1.5 million) (www.cbccba).  As it puts it resources to use it puts money towards various homeless shelters, as well as funding to help awareness and stronger laws to be produced.  The services delivered by these reintegration programs are that they provide an affordable room along with legal support, health care services, free meals, laundry, and internet access. For his new room, a person will pay 25 per cent of his salary (when he gets one) plus about $150 per month. This would come comes out of his unemployment insurance for now Maison du Pere. Where this can be measured by the amount of people that successfully retain employment and are not returning to shelter, plus it can be measured by their unemployment or lack thereof.   

Plus I believe with the work done for such accurate results to show that mental health can be and is a real problem for nearly half of the homeless.  With that being said and suicide rates rising, I wonder if more can be done to help with the mental health issues of those who receive the benefits from this organization.  This I say because if you were look into Durkheim’s anomic suicide, it would be truly beneficial. As Durkheim states and anomic suicide, societies influence is lacking in the basically individual passions thus leaving them without a check-rein (Kivisto, 51). This because it is shown that men in this age range are at a higher rate of suicide, especially because while they are receiving the services they are clearly alone.  So with anomie being the lack of the usual social and ethical standards in an individual or group, it is truly critical that a way is found to bring this in together. Because not receiving critical love or support that is needed to help prevent such issues, so while they are there they can get involved in either a group counselling, or if needed a psychologist or therapist, this because it will allow them the support that is needed.  This being possible as medical care is free.  Plus while receiving benefits they can work on uniting them with different family members.  While doing so it can bring families back together to give them one type of support or another.  Plus while the family is involved with the family members, they can also help to make sure that those that need medications are actually taking them as prescribed.  I believe this to be possible because everybody who is accepted into this program is required to be in there room by a certain time.  So therefor it can be easily arranged for the meetings in the afternoons, doing group therapies, counseling, family, and religious meetings at various times. So as Durkheim discusses if the guy in this program can get at least two of the things requested above that separation of anomie will no longer be there to then help to lower suicide rates. Requiring them to participate in at least two activities a week would help to build connections and support needed to continue their success as they leave the Father’s House.


Its a very good article delivering good statistics and important points concerning the importance of helping people in need. The theory for change you proposed as the maison du pere for example is a topic I know a little bit because at first I wanted to do a volunteer project for my class, therefore I went out and checked the different houses available in quebec. However I did not know how they emphasize on changing radically the environment the caused instability to a person and offers them healthcare services, food, clothes and a shelter. I decided to write a paper instead, in which I will discuss how the presence of more social entrepreneurs would benefit significantly the society in general and the business too. Concerning your theory of change, most social entrepreneurs would hardly agree that the atmosphere people live in has a huge impact on how the person will feel. They would also rise fund and donation for associations such as Maison du pere that believes, just like them, that to go along well and for everybody to feel good, they must change the bad habits and create a healthy environment as a routine.

Thank you for your input! It is scary to see how bad the statistics are and how little we hear about it in the news. After having volunteered in a homeless shelter for this course I can say that: I have witnessed a strong sense of community and mutual aid. This mutual support directly and positively affect the mental health. Having a sense of belonging to a group is part of the Maslow's hierarchy of needs which leads to self-actualization. We must encourage the grand public to include the homeless in order to stop the neglect and isolation the homeless face.