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by Mrive4 on April 26, 2014 - 10:16pm

Discrimination is not only targeted against race, but also sexuality. Discrimination against transgenders is a big social issue that we face today. Emily Cao brought up the issue that transgenders face in the medical field. By doing research on health clinics and support groups, she believes that it will have an overall view on how the medical system deals with transgender people and how discrimination of transgender people goes against human rights.

            A nonprofit organization that corresponds with your concern for transgenders and their health care issues is an organization located in Minnesota that does work nationally. This organization is called Gender Education Center (GEC). This organization focuses on providing businesses, educational institutions and organizations the opportunity to learn about the transgender community. GEC  works side by side with transgenders who are simply trying to live their lives like ordinary people. When transgendered people are turned away by organizations of agencies the GEC advocates for that individual person and or group as a whole. They advocate for change in the work environment, government, schools, and health care systems. They teach on basic human right issues with people who identify themselves as different gendered, GEC also works with the youth who are questioning their sexuality and gender identity.(Davis)

            A social theory that relates to this issue would be Karl Marx’s theory on Alienation of the self being. Marx’s states “Man is a species-being not only in that practically and theoretically he makes both his own and others species into his objects, but also, and this is only another way of putting the same thing, he relates to himself as to the present, living species, in that he relates to himself as to a universal and therefore free being.” Meaning, that transgender are free to choose what he wants and to be who he wants. Moreover, “The statement that man is alienated from his species-being means that one man is alienated from another as each of them is alienated from the human essence. The alienation of man and in general of every relationship in which man stands to himself is first realized and expressed in the relationship with which man stands to other men.” Meaning that alienating certain groups of humans, such as transgenders is not only alienating them from society, but alienating them from themselves and their right to be a free individual.

            Transgenders are covered under the Human Rights Act which covers housing, public relations, and employment. The GEC spends a lot of their time working with company’s and employers explaining to them the rights that transgenders have and that you cannot discriminate against a transgender. GEC has given over 180 workshops in the workplace on these issues. It has been proven that over the last four years the GEC gave 232 presentations and workshops involving 8,200 participants. In the last seventeen years GEC has been to colleges and universities 500 times, 72 high, middle, and elementary schools, and have given 192 workshops to members of the medical field and other helping professions. They have also held 182 training sessions for companies and corporations. (Davis).

            I agree with Emily’s article in that discrimination against not only LGBT needs to stop, but specifically the discrimination against transgenders from doctors and other health care administrative. I strongly believe that this organization could help point you in the right direction and raise awareness to this very important issue. GEC is great in the face that it teaches freedom of gender expression, the elimination of unfair discrimination, a working and healthy relationship with the health care community, and a meaningful place where transgenders can go when they face an issue such as this, and know that they will get the proper support and help that they need. The statistics from the website alone support my theory on how well organized and successful this non-profit is. Discrimination is a violation of human rights and serious steps need to be taken in order for things to change. GEC is the first step to the right direction. 


Hi, I am thankful for your interest in my article and I appreciate your response to it. I find Karl Marx’s theory interesting and it applies well with transgender people, like you explained. Discrimination against transgender people generates the idea of what is normal and what is not, and make these people feel ashamed of their identity. I think the GEC is a good organization that helps promote transgender rights. This article ( talks about Obama’s administration stating that it is illegal to discriminate against transgender people in the workplace. The law was at first banning gender discrimination, but now that it applies to transgender discrimination as well, it shows that transgender people have civil rights too.

I definitely agree with the problematic regarding discrimination towards transgenders, as you’ve previously mentioned, discrimination as a whole is a violation of human rights. I am doing a project of elderly abuse (discrimination towards the elderly), so I found the nonprofit organization you mentioned, which raises awareness concerning transgenders and advocates human rights, which is obviously a step in the right direction. I believe that any form of discrimination, which violates human rights needs to have these steps taken (awareness and advocacy) in order to address the issue. The application of Karl Marx’s theory on Alienation of the self being was particularly interesting for me insofar as I knew that discrimination lead a certain group of human beings to be alienated from society, but I hadn’t thought about the fact that alienating these individuals was also alienating them from themselves (as we all are human beings) and their right to be a free individual. Learning about this new aspect makes the problem that much more alarming. While doing research regarding transgenders, I found that Quebec now stopped the publication of full street addresses of transgender people requesting a legal name change, which was something transgender groups had been advocating. Fortunately, I think that this is a huge step in the right direction as it shows that governments are now becoming aware of the discrimination and danger certain groups are put through and that they doing something in order to protect their basic human rights. Such changes support the importance of organizations in advocacy.
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