What the Internet is doing to this Generation’s Children

by jmend3 on March 14, 2014 - 10:22pm

We all know the powers and the wonders of computers and the Internet as they have quickly become an essential cog in mainstream society. We play, create, learn, and socialize on our computers. We, as a society, have become accustomed to having such infinite knowledge at our disposal and, because of it, we’re becoming more and more attached to our computers. This generation’s fleet of children and adolescents are following in our society’s footsteps as they are now exposed to the internet more and more and at younger ages than ever before. As the mysteries of the internet gradually replace the novelties of the traditional dolls and action figures to these kids, the question is posed as to whether or not this increased exposure is unhealthy for these children’s development. Also, we strive to find out how this newly arisen topic of concern will affect the generations of young people to come in this computerized and technological society that is being built before our very eyes.


The article in which I examined for this blog post delves right in to the subject in hand and provides relevant research in regards to its effects. According to the article, 8-10 year olds spend an average of 46 minutes a day on the internet while 11-12 year olds spend about an hour and 46 minutes every day; both times of which have sharply risen from similar previous tests. Another central focus was that the sites in which the children are going on are influential in what effect the internet has on them as well and, according to the conducted research, it is sites like YouTube and Facebook that are most frequently visited by the kids in that age range. The article would go on to conclude that the impact of the internet on a growing child is entirely based on the websites that he/she is going on. This conclusion frames the problem as it gets right down to the roots of it and shows us that children’s internet exposure can be both negative and positive in the long run, depending on the case.



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This blog post is exactly what I be wondering about, do children of this generation rely more on computers than the previous generation? My little sister is a prime example I would compare her computer usage with mine when I was her age. I have realized when I was her age I rarely ever used the computer, but she can’t go a day without her 2 hours on the computer. I Notice her usage of social media, and I think an 11 year-old girl have no reason being on Facebook. I don’t if I agree with your opinion on whether the computer has a negative or positive effect on today’s generation, because my little sister using social media where cyber bullying is a hobby. I know my little sister and other little children are not ready to be socially criticized by so many other people this is not healthy for these children development.

I like how you introduced the idea and subject with an objective perspective. Most of the times articles I have read in the past related to this subject are strictly negative on the subject, leaving no benefits to the internet.
I like to think of the internet as a source of knowledge and learning. There are simply too many tutorials or YouTube video teaching how to do almost everything that I don’t think we should prevent children from accessing such a wide database. However, I read an article in the Montreal Gazette from Michael Oliviera, “Canadian kids can navigate a tablet before they can tie their laces” published on February 9 of this year. It basically statistically analyzed the capabilities of children in real life situation and virtual situation. For example, there are more kids who know how to navigate on the internet than there are kids who know how to tie their own shoes, among those in the study.
I myself learn as much as I can from the internet. For example, if I need to learn how to do something I don’t know, I have the possibility to google it or watch a YouTube video explaining it. Now I think this is great, but what would happen if the world was disconnected? Any children who grew up learning essentially from the internet would probably have a hard time facing situations by himself in real life to which he would usually simply search the solution online.
However, from my own experiences, the people I have seen learning using the internet turned out to be more self-reliable than those who don’t. Then again, like you said, if the child is visiting a website which has nothing to teach, then it cannot really help them.
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I thought your article was really good, you did a great introduction of the subject which makes it easier for us to understand the problem that you are going to talk about. You bring up the main problems related with the Internet and computers and also their effect on children. I was really surprised and impressed with the statistic that you provided! It is a huge increase of the time spent on the Internet per day for children. These statistic really demonstrate how the Internet is present in our children’s life and how we need to realize the effects it has sooner rather than later. You point out that the most important thing is the site that the children visit, and I think it is absolutely true; it makes a difference if you look at educational site, which can lead to a positive effect on the child, or at Facebook. I found an article from the medscape website called “ Youth Internet Use: Risks and Opportunities”. This article discusses other problem linked with the increasing use of Internet for children such as Internet addiction while also providing new statistics on the subject. Here is the link : http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/704888_1.

This is a very interesting article you have here. It always been talked about that kids and teens, this generation is tremendously influenced by the internet. The way you propose this post, to me was the correct way because the internet is both positive and negative. To an idea like this, there are benefits and a downside to it. For example, you said “we play, create, learn, and socialize on our computers.” This is a huge benefit because today we sometimes want to talk to a relative who lives in another country instead of calling. There is a whole process to calling someone out of the country. Also this made me think of how my mother says I spend too much time on the computer. She feels I should read more books, which can develop my mind and make me think in different ways. She also feels the computer does everything for me and that I should become more independent and use what I have learned in school to find answers because it make you a better critical thinker. That may be true but it doesn’t mean what I am doing on the computer is a waste of time to my life.
I think your blog post would go well and could go on to talk about this article I read a few years ago in high school. It is on how teenagers benefit from the internet. This quote from the article, hit me “but their participation is giving them the technological skills and literacy they need to succeed in the contemporary world. They’re learning how to get along with others, how to manage a public identity, how to create a home page.” Today this is a big part of what we need for business jobs or any job with computers. I think this article would affect you in a great way!


This article is very relevant, the negative and positive impacts of Internet on young children are both dominant and it's good that you did not omit one side. The important place Internet is taking in most people's life makes it necessary today, for example commerce, communication, the transmission of news, images and messages all relate on this relatively new technology. You are right concerning that the next generation will be the first kids to be confronted to cyberspace and this creates many concern because there is so much available online. Young people do not have developed their critical judgement yet and they are not old enough to be in touch with adult stuff. Furthermore this is where the job of parents starts, they have to prevent their children from landing on inappropriate sites and if they do so, to quite the page and no take seriously what they have seen. Nowadays with all the advertising, we see pop ups and you get redirected to pornographic websites, in this circumstance the parents have another choice available to them, for example my mother blocks some sites on the Ipad and on her computer so when my seven years old brother play games, he does not find something that would shock his young virgin mind.

I think that the effect of technology on the younger generation can be both positive and negative in ways. Kids could learn things from technology if it’s used in an educational way but I still do not think that it is healthy for kids to constantly be depending on their computers and social media. My younger brother is a junior in high school and he cannot live without his computer and phone. He is constantly talking to friends and playing games on the computer. Social media can lead to problems and cause things like cyber bullying. The younger generation should spend less time using technology and more time doing things like going outside or participating in physical activity. That would be a lot healthier than being glued to a computer, phone, or television all day.

I agree with you that there are positive and negative effects of technology on everybody. Technology does permit us to learn about millions of subjects that we could not get our hands on if it wasn’t for Internet. Internet can also make us communicate with people all over the planet instantely while listening to music, which is great. However instead of playing outside or interacting with people face to face, it makes us less active and lazy because there is no physical effort and not much mental effort. Here is a link that will give more positive and negative effects on technology in our world. http://mydailyalerts.com/positive-negative-effects-technology-lives

I really liked the way you opened up the article. Though the title is stating an obvious problem, the article opens up by describing computers as a place to “play, create, learn and socialize” and that it is also a source of “infinite knowledge.” I myself love technology. I think it’s a great door that provides opportunities to go above and beyond what we thought we were capable of. But I however did not grow up glued to a computer. I was like every other child outside playing with my friends. I did eventually discover computers and video games, but it was at a much more mature age. Today kids are constantly glued to tv’s and computers. They don’t seem to have that time to explore and imagine as I did when I was a kid. On top of the early age at which kids access these devices, I also agree on your point about certain websites. Not all websites are “healthy” for a young developing mind. There are websites that can’t do much harm, but sites like YouTube and Facebook can leave impressions on kids. They can form habits that can develop into something worse especially if it starts at such a young age. I believe technology is a great thing, but maybe not at such an early age.

Your article makes very good points on what the internet is doing to this generation of young children and I completely agree with some of these points that were made. One point that I strongly agree with is that the impact of the internet on a growing child is entirely based on the websites that he/she is going on. If parents allow their children to surf the web unsupervised they can get on some bad websites that could cause negative influences on young children but if they are on age appropriate websites and games it could be beneficial to social and behavior learning. Growing up my parents was defiantly strict on what sites were allowed and not allowed. My parents didn’t allow me to have a Facebook page till I was 16 to ensure to protect us from viewing possible immature thoughts, images, and protect us from being viewed by unwanted people at an age which we did not understand the risks. Also when I was young I remember that my mom set up her email so that she can view all the sites we had recently viewed that way if we were on websites that were inappropriate consequences were given and discussed on why it was inappropriate. Knowing my background on this I think it is important for children and adults to understand the influences of certain websites in order to make the internet a beneficial source for social interaction and as a source of information. Also with my family background I can relate to issue. I have many younger cousins under the age of 5 and 10 that I have seen have good and bad influences on children. A few of my cousins I have seen play games that I think are inappropriate like apps called kick the boss where they get to throw objects at a person which I think sends many kids the wrong message and her parents seem to let it go.
One other point that you made that I agree with is that we are becoming more attached to computers than ever before. It has become a huge source of information and that I see many people using the internet to assist them with homework and also used to influence people’s views. I think that we have become too attached to the internet that sometimes we don’t take the time to learn things on our own and we use the internet to seek out everything we need to know without even thinking about it. I love how you introduced the issue it defiantly attracts people to the article. One thing I would like to learn more of is the long term effects of internet on children and any efforts that parents are making to make the internet a more positive and beneficial source for young children. This was a great article choice.

This is a great topic to discuss and I applaud you for bringing it to light. It’s a mounting issue that will need more attention as the years go on to determine the true effects down the line. Another reason I found this topic very interesting is that I have small children that are in that phase of being exposed to the internet. Their classrooms are utilizing technology and internet capabilities as a part of their curriculum. Also, they have limited exposure to the internet at home where websites like YouTube are very popular. I wrestle with the proposition of increased use and interaction with the internet as a potential problem. I can see very valid concerns that lie behind online pornography, cyber-bullying, and exposure to mature content of various forms. I also see the benefits from educational websites, media-sharing sites, and other websites that can enrich a young person’s mind. The internet is quite simply another social world. It is here to stay as a product of our advancement in society. Each generation will have their own way of growing up and experiencing the world. Neither will have the same experience, but that does not make one right or wrong. It’s an experience that is tailored to the elements and characteristics of the time.
In the generation I grew up in I was exposed to the beginning wave of technological advancements. This included computers, gaming systems, cellphones, and numerous electronic devices. This time period shaped my perspective as very pro-technology. I welcome and encourage any new developments in the field, and fully support the use the internet in everyday life. My job requires me to use the internet for roughly 90% of my tasks. I fully agree that my social location has determined my feelings and perspective in regards to this issue in a positive light.

The Internet is a new and exciting form of technology than many believe is making this world better. As our children are growing up they are using all of this new technology and people are wondering if this is hurting or helping their generation? Children are on the Internet and computers more and more and it doesn’t seem for educational purposes. I think this was a great article. It really showed that yes, children in this generation are using the Internet more than ever before, but It shows that its not bad if they are using it for schoolwork or helpful websites. It said, as children get older they tend to use the Internet more. This may no be a bad thing unless they are on unhelpful websites.
Now that social media is in full swing it seems that everyone is on his or her twitter or Facebook. Even young children have Facebook’s and it baffles me. I was not allowed to get a Facebook until I was almost 14 years old and that was only if my mom made one had to be my friend. This generation I feel that parents do not look into what their children are doing enough. I agree they need their privacy but they are children and it is a parent’s job to keep their children safe. I think this generation is relying on the Internet too much. I grew up with all of this technology and so do these children so we do not know any different then to use it as much as we want.

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