The Truth behind the Lies

by mdebo20 on May 14, 2014 - 11:37pm

As most of you know, the morning after pill also called “Plan B” is a pill females take to prevent pregnancy due to unprotected sex, or failure of other birth control pills. Many people just assume that its fine to take this pill, everything will be alright. But that’s not the case. The morning after pill has many disadvantages that some people may not know of. They are a very harmful and dangerous dosage of the hormonal steroid progestin that has already been proven to cause breast cancer, blood clots, cervical cancer, arterial plaque, and liver cancer in far lower dosages (birth control pills). Additionally, they deplete a woman’s body of bone mass and several important nutrients. These females that are taking these pills might not understand that these are harmful to their bodies. Yes it can prevent a pregnancy, but it also damages your body. This pill is very contradicting. They have also been shown in several medical studies to cause birth defects—by way of a folic acid deficiency—and negatively affecting the development of male organs due to the excess of female hormones in the mother’s bloodstream before she even knows she’s pregnant. This pill that is so called a “life savior” is actually just as harmful to you.


The authors purpose for this article is to tell people, females more so that this pill is also damaging you. This is quite simply to prevent. Just have protected sex. Be smart when it comes to sex and you wont have to use this pill and damage your body.


Your post is very interesting. Thanks to you, I knew nothing about the repercussions of that type of pill. I think it is awful to lie to customers like this when it can have that much effects on their health. I can't believe that experts of the health would propose that type of option and omit to inform the patient of all those sides effects. Isn't it those professional's job to ensure good result and security when proposing medication? All this sounds really unethical to me. How could an authority, who is trust by patients, lie to them only to sell a product? What is the purpose of pharmaceutical industry after all? Only sell product to make money or actually help their customer?

I decide to read I little bit about the subject you point out in your post. I find an interesting article pointing out the kind of corruption present in the health sector. ''One study, published in March 2014 in The Journal of American Medical Association, found that nearly 40 percent of the 50 largest pharmaceutical companies had academic medical center leaders sitting on their boards. The annual compensation for these directors is over a quarter of a million dollars, on average.'' (The Hypocritical Oath). This implies that a lot of the medication sell to customers may in fact not be as efficient as told but instead more lucrative. The professional of health are paid to sell medication to us. In terms of the ethical question, a fact is pointed out, is it ethical to lie or omit to informs client because of money? I would argued that lying to benefit ourselves is simply unethical. So when your lie could harm someone else, it is clear to me that it is unacceptable.

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