Social medias affect on cutting ties in relationships

by hstri1 on March 14, 2014 - 5:04pm

For my blog research assignment I researched the affect of social media impairing people to leave their relationships, specifically abusive relationships. To complete the research assignment, the researchers had their subjects fill out surveys where they rated their relationships and the impacts of social media on a scale of “strongly agree” to “strongly disagree”.  Many of the research subjects agreed that it was extremely difficult to cut off ties in a relationship due to their significant other reaching out to them via text, Facebook, and other social media. There were some limitations leading into this study such as the fact that many of the people studied were white females who were freshman/sophomore in college.

The question at issue is how does the media influence relationships, specifically how does it affect cutting ties with your ex? Its written from the point of view of someone who is not involved in the situation, but rather making observations on what is occurring. Coming from personal experience, I have seen the affects of social media on impairing people’s abilities to leave relationships. Just as the article mentions, it is natural human reaction to respond to their text messages and other means of social media. Just through the use of text messaging it makes the interactions less personal and the ability to apologize without having to face a partner going face to face enables the relationship to continue without ever facing their problems head on. I think this is a big problem in today’s society because many people get into their relationships through social media, and it is also impairing people’s ability to leave relationships.

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