Sexual Abuse: Through the Eyes Of a Child

by bmusc1 on April 13, 2014 - 6:48pm


The article Negotiating Child Sexual Abuse, gives an excellent example of a method of therapy that has greatly increased in popularity throughout the field.  The use of play was used as a way to get a view of what occurred before and during the abuse.  I strongly agree with the use of play as a method to learn and more fully understand the act of sexual abuse.   Children can relate to play more and expressing events may be simpler to comprehend if expressed through play.   The sessions would start with a period of play then, a game that involved the naming of body parts followed by the casting of puppets to see who was involved.  After that, they would ask if sexual abuse occurred (p.111).  This article stuck out to me more then others because it focuses on an original primary sources.  I also think that this research could be very helpful and useful while informing parents of things to look out for if they suspect their child may be sexually abused.

I believe that the author’s use of information was the best form of criteria used.  The article used and cited relevant information thorough the article by consistently using information from and about the study.  The information in the paper is also primary information used from the research study and is essential to understanding the article and is also accurate and is taken directly from the research study. 




Lloyd, Robin. "Negotiating Child Sexual Abuse: The Interactional Character of Investigative Practices."University of California Press. 39.2 (1992): 109-124.


Hi! I love your choice of topic! This topic is particularly close to me, I've done much research on this topic for my class. I love that you talk about a silver lining in the topic of child sexual abuse: how to inform children and how to possibly figure out if they have been (or are still being) abused. I am currently reading a book called 'Girls Like Us' by Rachel Lloyd. The book is all about young girls who get involved in the ugly world of prostitution and sex trafficking (usually not by choice). She writes that usually the girls who end up in these situations have had hard lives prior to the prostitution and pimping. It often starts with abuse within your family. Which is why your article to me is so interesting because it could help prevent some girls from being scarred by child sexual abuse or help their situation out a bit by preventing future abuse!

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