Racism in the NFL

by ngros3 on February 17, 2014 - 6:37pm

During late January, NFL fans took to their media outlets immediately after the NFC Championship game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks. Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman made a crucial tip on a pass so his teammate could intercept the ball. This eventually ending up being the dagger in the 49ers' season. Richard Sherman then went on a rant about how he is the best cornerback in the league. He also went up to Michael Crabtree  (who was the 49ers' intended receiver) after the game and taunted Crabtree. This led to thousands and thousands of fans to call Richard Sherman a "thug". In a post-game interview Sherman said calling someone a thug is the accepted way to call someone the N-word now. This can be argued to be true because no one calls the players in hockey who get in a fight, a thug. There is a controversy going around that whites do not see blacks as equals again. Racism towards African Americans will never end due to how easy it is to hide your identity. Another problem is that there is a part of African American culture that likes the thug image in spite of itself. To other African Americans this can cause a problem since as long as ignorant people see people like that they will always resort to racism and include every African American person as their target.

                The main purpose of this article is to show how people resort to racism just because the person they are upset at is African American. The most important information in this article is that the word "thug" is now being used instead of the N-word. This is mainly because nowadays everyone expresses themselves through their social media outlets. With these social media outlets, someone can hide their identity and say anything they want. That is how there was so much hate against one person because the odds that Richard Sherman would meet and remember that one person on twitter is very unlikely. Also the factor of the people being upset were NFL fans is important too. NFL fans are ruthless if their favorite team loses. People around the world are always finding new ways to insult someone from another race. It is screwed up, but it is inevitable. "Thug" has become a popular word to use in the media when describing an African American. A previously word that was used in a similar way was the word "ghetto". The word "ghetto" has came and passed and now the word "thug" has taken its place. In the future the word "thug" will probably be replaced with another word. The author supports Sherman in how Sherman tells the public that everyone in the social media is basically using the N-word. I agree because if we fail to take this line of reasoning seriously then more and more people may accept racial slurs and use it in their everyday vocabulary. That is one path that as a society we cannot head down.

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I found you're article interesting because I love sports and it caught my eye quickly. You're article was very well written I liked the point of how hockey players aren't called thugs they're refer to a goons and it's cool to be a goon they even made a movie about the goons in the NHL. I didn't agree with Richard Sherman's actions after the game Im all for trash talking in sports but when the clock hits zero and you're on the winning side you've already won there's no need for that in sports.
I do agree 100 percent that white people have begun especially older white people made the new N word Ghetto or Thug. My suggestion for you're article is Richard Sherman has a Stanford education and is no way a thug or ghetto when has a education from one of America's toughest schools.

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