Pregnancy Prevention in Foster Teens

by mobraitis14 on February 17, 2014 - 11:17pm


Nearly 48% of foster care girls have been pregnant by the age of 19, compared to 27% of teen girls in the general population (finley 2013). The TPP Integration Project started a curriculum to help prevent and lessen pregnancies in teens by teaching them about safe sex and using condoms. The curriculum has helped young teens learn about protected sex and preventions of STI’s (sexually transmitted infections) and results have proven it has impacted a large amount of teens. The teens involved have said the program was very helpful and they would recommend it to friends. The amount of teen pregnancies has a direct impact of the child welfare system and can lead to a rise In the amount of people needing welfare. A child born from a foster care teen is more likely to end up in the welfare system.  This curriculum will hopefully help lessen the amount of teen pregnancies in the U.S.

I think the TPP Integration Project this is a good start to illuminating the high amount of teenage pregnancies present in the U.S. The numbers are higher in teens that are in foster care most likely because they may not get a good enough education or have the right family guidance to teach them how to not get pregnant. The TPP is helping educate teens starting at a young age, hopefully helping them learn and share to others the affect of teen pregnancies and STI’s on growing up and the hold it can put on your life by having a child when you are so young.  


Finley, C. (2013). Integrating Evidence-Based Teen Pregnancy Prevention in Child Welfare: Outcomes and Impact for Youth and Systems. Policy & Practice (19426828), 71(6), 16-19.


I really enjoyed this post! I am very surprised on how big of a difference there is between foster teen pregnancies compared to the general pregnancy teen population. Often times foster care teens are overlooked and do not receive the attention that is always needed. To many times they are avoided and mislead. The TPP integration project I think will be a great asset. However, it needs to make sure it is towards right audience, in this case the foster care teens. Allowing foster care teens to have the education available to them, I believe is an important to the falling numbers of teen pregnancy within the foster care system. The Foster care population or the general population, the best way to prevent pregnancy is educating them sooner than later.

I think this is a very thoughtful article. It informs the reader on another element of teen pregnancy. Teens in foster homes would be the last thing I would think about teen pregnancy occurring. The fact that almost half of girls in foster care are pregnant by the age of 19 is just astonishing. There are many people I know back home who have gone or are going through teen pregnancy. I think just knowing how a baby could affect your life, future outcome and greatly postpone your future aspirations would be very beneficial to many teens. It could not only influence them to use protection, but maybe just avoid intercourse all together because condoms cannot prevent pregnancy or diseases completely. Also, it would be nice to know what "TPP" is for someone who does not know anything about the topic; other than that, great article.