No Cause, No Cure

by rande2 on February 20, 2014 - 7:58pm

Autism is the disorder with no cure and no cause as of the year 2014.  Most people in this world/ society don’t know the symptoms.  As a person coming from experience in my family, I am interested in knowing the warning signs. Being stuck in a routine, rocking back and forth, and even not speaking at all, are the signs I am aware of.  Some people want to learn from past experiences in their lives.  Eric Courchesne was one of those people.  From being a victim of polio, it interested him into looking more into what autism really is. Autism is a communication disorder that most people have no idea about.  For years, researchers thought that autism was a psychological disorder that was caused by “bad parenting”.  But over time it was looked at as a structure change in the nervous system, making it a developmental disease.  Studies show that autistic children have a normal size brain at birth but by the age of one, the autistic child’s brain had grown more than the average child (Zimmer, 2012).  Researchers are still not sure of the reason of the growth or the cause of the disorder as a whole.  Research is being done but there is no results that can prove the causation of this spectrum disorder. Since there is no cause, they cannot find a cure that can help these suffering children and their families. One day, I am hoping to find a cure (Zimmer, 2012).

            Zimmer’s article uses Eric Courchesne’s research as evidence that there is no certain cause of autism yet.  Numbers and statistics were used to show researchers are trying to do different experiments to find a cause.  Even though there is no specific cause, just myths, these statistics are still proof that some of these projects could have a cause in the disorder. To go back to the point about the brain size, the average brain weighed about 1,357 grams and the autistic brain weighed 1,876.  These numbers can be used to help researchers retrieve more accurate information about the disorder.  Also, Courchesne did another experiment with neurons.  Comparing the neurons of many average non-autistic brain to many autistic brains.  The number of neuron cells are completely different from each other.  In the prefrontal cortex, it shows that autistic children had 67% more neurons than the average child (Zimmer, 2012). These numbers are proof that there is indeed something different about the brain and it’s not “bad parenting”.  There is more research that needs to be done to find this cause.  It costs a very large amount of money to do these experiments, but autism is a serious issue and needs to be spent more time researched.

(Zimmer C., 2012, The Brain, EBSCO Host, Vol. 33, p. 30-31)


I really enjoyed reading your response about autism and the way in which you shared your own experience as support. Autism is a disease in which I also hope someday has a cure. However, the fact you mentioned about the different weights between the brain of an autistic individual and someone who is not autistic is very interesting. As you said there are many ideas and no one knows for sure what exactly causes autism but this video a man named Dr. William Walsh talks about a theory as well One of the ideas presented that I found very interesting was the medicine babies are given between days 18-22 were more likely to have autism.

I agree with you that a cure should be found for autism because so many undergo the consequences of this issue, directly and indirectly. However, we should also educate the public about autism because not many know how brilliant those kids are. For example, one of my mother’s students from third grade can name the capital of every country in the world and this 10 year-old has been diagnosed with autism. Moreover, money should definitely be put in research for autism but it should also go for specialized education to help out these children and adults; they simply need more mentoring than other students and to develop their social skills.
Furthermore, I found out that in Canada there is more money that will be going into research and the support of autism ( Hopefully, an answer to autism will be found and a cure created.

You chose a really good subject because I think that it is really interesting concerning all the information with the brain etc. But I was attracted by you text because my little cousin have some mental illness and autism is one of them. I agree with you that scientifics need to find a cure for those who have autism problem because I am more concerned about their future. Now, when they are Young, it is there parents that take care of them but they will not be there for all their lives. I mean that how autist people will live if they are not able to be independent when their parents are there to help them. So, that is why I made some research about the intelligence of autist person and I found this article : It says that "people with autism, those who have higher intelligence quotients (IQs) in their youth tend to have better life outcomes, such as living independently1." I think that if there is a cure, or just a program that can help them to develop their quotients, there will be more and more people that will be able to live as an independent person, even if they surfer from autism.