Looking For a Better Future

by rsmit18 on February 17, 2014 - 10:21pm

Bullying is never an easy subject to talk about. We all want it to stop. We all even want to step in and do something about bullying when we see examples of it in our daily lives. But in fact very few act when seeing it in person we always tend to walk by waiting for something more drastic to grab our attention and make us take a stand. One unlikely individual to take a stand however was Garry Kousoulou. Garry is an Optician at Good Looking Optics who not only offers care for the eyes, but also for the self-esteem and mental health of those who make appointments with him. Garry had no drastic experience that affected him on a serious level. He was just like the rest of us hearing bits and pieces of news here and there, but unlike the majority of us he decided to take a stand. He funded his own workshop to help raise awareness of both bullying, and cyber bullying, and in response a great amount of parents attended this workshop. On top of this he also produced two hundred pamphlets to put in his place of work all of which have been taken. He realized that the world has become more digital. He’s now even booking appointments over social services like Facebook. This also gives him an opportunity to reach out to his patients and ask them about their experiences with bullying along with anybody they know.  But Garry is not the only one at his practice that talks to the patients. Everyone else at Good Looking Optics helps talk to their patients. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not yelling at everyone to drop what they are doing to become an Optician because that’s the only way to end bullying. What I’m trying to get across here is if someone like Garry can use social media to just ask kids how they are doing and if they need help, then why can’t we? It’s not that hard to take a couple of minutes out of your day to message that person on face book who is having a rough time. If we each of us put in a tiny bit more effort the world its self might become a better place.

The purpose behind this article is simple. It’s to show how simple it is to raise awareness for bullying. Garry states it clearly in the article, the objective of it is to help those experiencing bullying, and his goal to raise awareness is realistic. These all are key factors in the first step of reasoning which is to have purpose. The main question that Garry is trying to address is what really causes bullying and how do we prevent it. This however is no easy question to answer. It can be dissected in various different ways. Some people think we need to treat others with respect, others think we need to toughen up our children, and some think that children shouldn’t be allowed online if this is currently a problem. Any of these answers could pass as the right one, but the person reading is to determine that. This question can’t just be answered by facts either it requires a bit of judgment. This question isn’t easy to answer and nit never will be.

Refrence: Moss,R. (October 2013) Opticians can help to fight cyber bullying. Optometry Today, 30-33