Homeless Youth

by jlove2 on April 14, 2014 - 11:41pm


Jimmy Lovelass        


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            With the growing urban population in the US there have been increases in homelessness amongst teenagers to young adults. There are many factors that attribute to their homeless status, that being losing their jobs, and not getting proper education. With the increasing homeless population there have been many negative effects on society as a whole too. A large amount of the youth population that is homeless has since shown decreased numbers in those in the workforce, as well as the number of them that don’t even receive a high school diploma. Another concern from the public eye is that there will be more crime from the troubled youth living on the street, many stereotypes about the youth have been created but they in some cases are true because there are slightly more crimes committed with more kids on the street.


            There are some organizations that are in place to try and help this cause, they range from providing places to stay, to an education. One of these groups specifies in prevention in the very early stages of childhood, making sure they are provided with a good and stable home life. Results are very mixed with some taking the advantage of the opportunity, and others continuing on the path to future troubles. Without the efforts of many there would be no hope for the upcoming class of young people, and many would just fall into the hands of society and stay there. Along with these organizations many take it into their own hands to help and have seen some progress.






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Great post! It’s nice to know that there are many organizations that are trying to provide help to these individuals. It's sad to see how homeless youth has become a bigger issue in today's society. It’s good that these organizations trying to help these people and have seen progression of their attributions and lending hands. I enjoyed reading your post because I am volunteering at organization called "Mossion Montreal" in which provides food too many organizations and also to homeless youth organizations, so it was interesting to read. Potentially there's a link with homeless youth and being provided with food, hopefully a positive one for most people.

Your article was good and I believe that this subject is really important in society because youth is a big part of it and represents the future of our society. Here in Montreal, there is this problem and we seem to have difficulty dealing with it and it seems to be growing. Also, we are not even aware that this problem is really a part of our society. However, there are programs that are being developed to try and help solve the problem. Here is article an that describes the problems of an 18 years old who is homeless: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/west-island-homelessness-exists-i....