The Hazard In Hookah Smoking

by Oamegbo1 on February 17, 2014 - 11:34pm

The article “Hazard in Hookah Smoke” by Lindsay Lyon dares to focus on the reasons why hookah smoking is a dangerous health hazard. The author writes this to elaborate on the point that hookah, which is lightly-taken as simply water vapor is not actually as healthy as it is thought to be. It is rather deadlier than smoking cigarettes. Smoke from a single hookah session contains 36 times the tar, 8.3 times the carbon monoxide and 1.7 times the nicotine of smoke produced by one cigarette. This validates the issue that hookah or shisha smoking is actually detrimental to one’s health.
This article is mainly targeted at the younger generation of the world because the young people of today are more involved in this type of group smoking. Smoking hookah brings smokers or groups of friends together to smoke and socialize. A lot of these teens and college students engage in it because they think it’s “more safer” but this article makes it known that students a being lead blindly by the myth of hookah being safe. Apart from the fact that hookah is pernicious; diseases could be contracted from sharing the same mouth pieces. Disposable mouth pieces may be available but at gathering friends may overlook the fact that they share the same mouthpieces. Hookah looks nice to engage in but its outcomes could slowly destroy one’s life. Ignorance is no excuse.

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I really enjoyed the article you picked because I am an avid hookah smoker. I will give you a brief history on my hookah experiences and my personal outlook. I do not smoke hookah often but about 3-4 times a month. When I become stressed and want some time to relax with friends we often share interest by smoking together. Being in New York State and having cold winters we also like to stay indoors. Therefore smoking hookah in my house is often the option we pick over most things. So not only do we relieve stress by smoking we play games and share stories as well. We blow smoke bubbles, watch TV, smoke the tasteful shisha and get a head buzz. I will continue to smoke hookah as well even after reading this article and I will tell you why.
Now for one this is very nice because we are not all 21 and this is a legal way for us to get a “buzz” as a group compared to drinking. Also, this gives us all a reason to get together and act crazy and share stories. We also love to try new flavors and share our experiences with others. So we have tastefulness, “buzz”, and getting together. Next it helps to relieve stress, whether it is from the hookah or not the stress load seems to dramatically decrease after smoking for a couple of days. We can do it indoors and it does not stink or leave residue inside the home. Now the negatives, yes as you said it is not all that healthy. My outlook however is nothing in today’s society is too healthy. We are often introduced to hormones, disease, cancerous materials, and second hand smoke on a regular basis. I will take the very small amount of possible harms hookah causes when weighted with the results it produces for me personally. It is much healthier then drugs, becoming a heavy smoker, alcoholism, and other problematic outcomes. I did enjoy your article even though I do have a different outlook. I would be interested in some statistics about the rate of harm of hookahs compared to other “stress relievers.” Thank you.

I really enjoyed reading your post on the hazards of hookah smoking, and I think that it is something that people don’t quite know about. I work in the field of addictions and like all drugs the hookah can be addicting because of the affects that it has on a person. Although there are some people that are able to control their use of the hookah, I think that there are also those that are unable to manage it as well.
I think that people do now know the potential harm that a hookah can cause and I liked that you shared this information with people. In my work I see many teens and adolescents that try various things including marijuana and hookah smoking and they become addicted and they do harm to their bodies like you mentioned in your article, but they can cause harm to others around them and also get into criminal problems as well. Although I do not know the exact effects from hookah smoking, other than the ones that you described I think that it is something that people need to be careful of because the long lasting effects are unknown. I would like to see more studies on this topic and to know more about the effects that hookah smoking can have on the body.

I found this article to be interesting, simply because I smoked a hookah last night with a couple of my buddies. I agree with this article because a hookah is definitely not a safer form of smoking, and it can have many negative affects on the body if overused. I have heard many of these facts about a hookah session before and understand the risks with smoking a hookah. I am not an avid hookah smoker by any means, but I do enjoy it maybe once every month or two. The hookah smoke produced is much thicker than cigarette smoke, and does produce more tar, carbon monoxide, and nicotine comparative to a cigarette. Although, I do find it very difficult to compare one hookah session to one cigarette. A hookah session lasts approximately an hour, while a cigarette lasts five minutes, maybe less. In previous research, I have seen an hour hookah session being compared to 200 puffs of a hookah, yet for smoking a hookah last night I took between 20-30 puffs in an hour. Also, I was able to split the hookah between four people, unlike I am able to do with a cigarette. I would like to see data between a hookah versus a cigarette on a per puff basis. I can definitely not stand up for a hookah and say that it is good for you, I just believe that some of the facts about hookah smoking are a little skewed. Ultimately, cigarette smoking and hookah smoking is both harmful to the health, and should be taken cautiously if chosen to do so.

I really enjoyed the topic of this article! It made me think about an issue that I hadn't considered to be really much of an issue in the first place. I personally have never smoked using a hookah, but my boyfriend and a bunch of friends use it. Since I have never been to a hookah bar, I'm not aware if they have warning signs posted anywhere of the harmful health effects that come with it, like they do on cigarette packages. By posting the hazards and health risks and making them known, doesn't mean that people are going to stop, I think it's just good information to be aware of before engaging in the activity.
This is a great topic to bring to light, and I would like to see you take this study further by looking into the Hookah pens/e-cigarettes, that people are using to replace cigarettes with because they are "healthier"

As I read your title for your post, I chose to read and respond to this particular topic because I typically enjoy smoking hookah and it is one of my favorite hobbies. I even own my own hookah and smoke often. As I was reading through your article, there were certain aspects that I did agree on such as that hookah is detrimental to ones health but I believe it is to an extent. The reason I agree with you on that it is detrimental to ones health is because the tobacco that one smokes in a hookah session can have the same negative effects on the lungs as smoking cigarettes. However, there are new products out there, such as a gel like substance, which contain no tobacco, no nicotine and is solely smoking water vapor. This type of smoking session wouldn’t necessarily give you a “buzz”, but it has strong flavors when smoking. I just wanted to show you that there are alternatives to smoking hookah that have no harm towards ones health. Here is a link that you can essentially see what is in these hookah gel drops.

I enjoyed reading your post as you provided a brief summary of the article while highlighting all of the essential facts and myths regarding the specific subject. Your post caught my attention, as I was quite interested in learning more about hookah pipes and about electronic water vapors since a majority of my friends are constantly going to shisha bars and purchasing pocket size water vapors from convenience stores.

I must admit that I always thought that smoking out of a hookah pipe was harmless since the content that was being smoked was merely flavored water. Your post really made me look deeper into the subject matter and research the disadvantages it has on the human body. As a young adult, I think that the topic of smoking out of a hookah should be discussed in institutions as well as in colleges. If hookahs are scientifically proven to be more hazardous than regular cigarettes, than this is a subject that should be discussed amongst teachers and students in order to ensure the health of the children and even adults. In 2016, I feel like a high percentage of the teenage population carries a portable hookah with them, and the fact that they are more harmful than cigarettes and still being used indoors is what bothers me the most. The usage of water vapors indoors should have restrictions, as the practice of smoking from an electronic hookah can be a detriment to a child’s health and children should not be in contact or around a smoke emitting carbon monoxide and other harmful substances.

As someone who cringes when she is in contact with an unsanitary object or environment, smoking shisha out of the same pipe when other people’s mouths have touched that same pipe can be very unhygienic and is another cause of bad health. Overall, your post gave me the motivation to spread the information of the dangers of hookah so that other individuals will avoid risking their health from smoking and getting addicted.