The hardships in being a young woman in today’s society.

by Ccorc2 on February 17, 2014 - 7:08pm

In her article, Laurie Penny (2013) speaks out about the recent magazine headlines: Miley Cyrus’ performance at the Video Music Awards.  Penny questions the torment that Cyrus had recently been subject too, namely a letter written by Sinead O’Conner to Cyrus.  Penny continues to state that many young women are faced with the same problem, whether to conform to societal norms and be a “good girl” as Miley Cyrus portrayed in “Hannah Montana” or whether to be able to use their bodies as a powerful weapon in their lives. She questions why we should be allowed to be seen in a certain way, and that is considered good, even something that is sought after, but if we act on these feelings and “objectify” ourselves we are seen as sluts, or like ideas. (Penny, 2013)

I think this article is most interesting because of the final point I stated above. Not simply why we are seen this way, but why Penny believes we have people in our lives, even parents, who teach us to be this way, to teach us to be the perfect, proper young ladies as seen in movies, the “All-American” girl (2013). With society changing constantly, adapting to new ideas or norms each day, why should we be expected to still look like Disney princesses, who don’t make mistakes and especially don’t make body modifications, like piercing or tattoos. Why do we grow up with people we care about trying to mold us into these young ladies, rather than let us be who we truly are, and want to be? The second point that I think is something to ponder is when Penny is speaking of her own accounts of her younger years, being a stripper, and she says that she still has more scars than regrets. Do the things that we have done in the past that people think would make us bad people necessarily do as they say? Why can we not do what we want to do now, as young women, and learn from the experience, regardless of how society perceives the event? I believe that we should be able to do as we please, and that these choices all make us grow as people, they make us better people by learning of them. These choices that we make are what make us seem brave in the world, because we were unafraid to do what we had to, or because we didn’t care what others around us think. I believe that this should be the new normal in young women, being brave and confident over being lady-like or “all-American”.

Penny,L, (2013, October 11). Take it from someone who has danced half-naked on stage: slut-shaming is  never all right. New Statesman. Vol. 142 Issue 5179, p21-21.



I came across your article and just had to leave a comment. Women in have been subjected to all kinds of social torment and I believe it is up to women to decide how they which to be perceived whether to conform to societal norms and be good or live life. Humans learn from their experiences and if everyone is following the norm we would all be alike. Making mistakes are what makes us humans, just because someone may have made a bad decision in the past does not make them a bad person. furthermore tattoo's and piercing are part of ones freedom of expression. Needless to say, I think we as individuals should be free to present ourselves as we please without being judge for it.

The hardest thing in life is growing up because a child is always told what to do and can never be sure what the right thing for them to actually do. Growing up in my house, it was a hard time for me because my parents were very strict about what I did, especially my father. He still tries to restrict what I do even though I am an adult and away at college. However because of my family background I do many proper things and try to always be respectful towards myself and the people around me. It is how I was raised and I try to make sure at the end of the day I am always happy with myself and my actions.
Yet someone like Miley Cyrus dances different at an award ceremony and she is considered a slut. I think it is wrong to assume and judge people by the way they act in one certain situation. I like this post because it shows that people are extremely judgmental by not only your actions, but your appearance as well. Everyone is out to judge a person which is wrong, especially if you do not know someone on a personal level. This post stands out to me because of the judgmental society we live in today and the fact that one can never fit in. One is judged whether they are a “good girl” or “bad girl”, it is impossible to be acceptable in society. I think you did a great job with this post and I would like to see you take a further look on how this relates to you. What made this idea of being a proper young girl or being a rebel intrigue you and how your own circumstances affect it.

First off, I really enjoyed your summary. You make a clear statement of the opinion of the author and you give us some good arguments telling us why women should be able to decide who they want to be. Although I agree with this, I just do not think women like Miley Cyrus are truly being themselves. I think they are simply trying to have some attention to compensate for a lack of talent. Miley Cyrus was not the centre of attention until she began dressing like she does. She is not being herself. She is being objectified by society. This article (, which I found very interesting, discusses the issue that Miley Cyrus unknowingly brought to light. The author says that, in the long run, Cyrus might hurt her career more than she might think and that it is up to the people to decide whether or not they want her as a role model for their children.