Hand to Hand Combat Gone Too Far!

by zachary.torain on February 17, 2014 - 11:45pm

            Sexual assault has been a growing problem in the US military. Thanks to the efforts of each branch of the military, the cases are being handled properly. Over the years sexual assault would occur and be reported, but no one would bat an eye. They would even try to sweep it under the rug as if it had not happened! Because it is becoming such a problem, the cases are now seeing the light. In the article Executive Branch Response to Sexual Assault (2013), the US Department of Defense (DoD) has been trying its best to solve this problem. They have gone through and researched the sexual assault cases in each branch of the military and have come up with solutions to this heinous crime. They have created a legal assistance program in each service branch, so that each victim can get the adequate representation throughout the judicial process. Each sexual assault investigation is regularly assessed by the DoD’s inspector. Also to honor the rights of both the victims and the accused, the commanders have the option to reassign or move a member who is incriminated of sexual assault out of their respective unit. Ultimately, with all of the effort put into the sexual assault cases, the victims will be protected legally and will undergo a fair trial.

            Being in the Senior ROTC program here at SUNY Brockport and aspiring to become an officer in the United States Army, I agree with the efforts of the DoD. Although it has taken some time, the military is on the right path to get back to its values and what it believes in with this approach to the sexual assault dilemma. I believe for anyone who is sexually assaulted, it would be difficult to report it and even more so in the military because of its structure. With what the DoD is proposing, the victim would not have to worry because their case will be handled professionally in every aspect of the process. This will also help remove the other disgraceful personnel from the military for their crimes. In due time, the sexual assault rate in the military will reduce to be very minute and the US military can return to its high stature.



Executive Branch Response to Sexual Assault Reports. (2013). Congressional Digest, 92(8), 2-34.


This post was an intriguing read. I am glad that a young person about to serve in our military is interested in this often disregarded problem. The first sentence plainly stated what the rest of the post would be about. Additionally, it was a very easy read. Everything was understandable and had a smooth flow. The one suggestion I have is to add a link to an article that could provide more information for a reader with a continued interest.

As a criminal justice major I have researched this topic, specifically concerning women in the military, although men are also victims. It is interesting how this problem simply has not been talked about over the years. Sadly sexual assault and harassment are happening all the time. It is refreshing to hear that something is being done about it. Hopefully, the matters will be handled in a manner where the guilty are punished but where accused that are innocent are not defamed in the process. I truly believe that it is challenging ground to tread on because these men and women do a job like no other. They are putting their lives on the line so that justice in our country can remain attainable

This post brought up an issue that I believe needs to be dealt with more. Sexual assault in the military is a very real issue and I am glad to hear that the government is finally taking steps to help all of the victims of sexual assault. This issue is held very close to my heart because my sister is leaving Monday for the Marines and sexual assault was the one big issue that my family had with her joining the Marines. We have heard so many horror stories, and as her family, it is our job to keep her safe. She says that she can defend herself, but she is a very short and small girl, and one of my fears is that someone will take advantage of that. This post really helped me to feel a little bit safer that my sister and all the other women in the military will be helped and proper consequences will be followed through if an assault case is filed.

One thing to think about however is how women will be able to tell their story. Women who have been victims of sexual harassment are usually embarrassed and so many cases go unrecorded. I would hope that if my sister had a problem, she would tell someone, but if she didn't, how would she be helped? Is there a way for them to stay anonymous? I know if I was in a sexually assaulted woman's place, I would be fearful that others would find out and I would be looked down upon and lose the last ounce of dignity I had left.

I had no idea that the US military had a problem with sexual assault. I feel that this is hidden from the public eye so people do not look down upon the US military. A bunch of my friends are in the military and Army and I was unaware that this was a problem. You mention that there was research that was done for sexual assault cases, however fail to explain the research that was given. It is a good idea that they look beyond the assaulted person and get a higher level of authority to look at the sexual assault case. I enjoyed that you brought up the ROTC program at Brockport and that you connected it back to your own personal experience. You got your point across very clearly.

This was a decent article, highlighting the fact that sexual harassment and assault plague the military in all its branches. It has been termed “the enemy within,” which could not be truer. My own experience in the Army is that I see this everywhere, in and out of uniform. We are given countless classes on SHARP (or the Army’s prevention and response program), and constantly informed on what actions to take if you observe it, or what you personally need to do to avoid becoming a culprit. The truth is you can be accused of sexual harassment by someone across the room for saying a crude name that wasn’t even intended to be heard by that person, but rather maybe just your friends; it doesn’t matter.
The military has become desperate trying to eradicate this issue from its ranks. Some might argue that they take it too far, and some say not far enough. The issue remains that not even half of those sexually harassed or assaulted come forward, and if they do, the military leaves it up to them on whether they want to file a restricted or unrestricted report. If they want to file a restricted report, then it remains confidential and law enforcement stays out of it and is never notified. Hopefully, with what you are saying the DoD is going to emplace, then we can destroy the issue of sexual assault and harassment, because right now the military is suffering from this and it taints our profession.