Dpresion in CO's

by julianmoody3 on April 19, 2014 - 11:00pm

Julian Moody

April 7, 2014

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A cross-sectional survey was held in a province of northeast China from March to April in 2011. A Self-administered questionnaire was distributed to 1900 male Correctional Officers from four male prisons. It was found out that the level of depressive symptoms of frontline Correction officers was significantly higher than that of non-frontline Correction officers. Depression is a common condition that affects the population and can cause major problems in the work place. Chinese male COs suffer from severe depressive symptoms. A cross-sectional design made it impossible to draw causal relations, but hypotheses were built on a solid theoretical and research foundation. The results their study need to be confirmed in prospective settings.

Researchers used multiple methods data collection to make their deductions. Their evidence and result bought them to conclusions that answered their question about Correctional Officers and depression. The way they measured depression consists of 20 items with 4 possible options that describe the occurrence of respondents’ feelings in the past week ranging from rarely or none of the time to most or all of the time. They discussed the purpose of performing this study. They state that depression can impact not only their career development and well-being, but also affect their functions related to correction and education that can help prisoners return successfully to society.



Li, L., Shu, H., Lie, W., Guoyuan, S., & Lei, M. (2013). Positive resources for combating depressive symptoms among Chinese male correctional officers: perceived organizational support and psychological capital. BMC Psychiatry13(1), 1-9.



I liked that background you gave, as well as the conclusions to the studies. It really makes you think about and look into the eyes and backgrounds of these workers and what they are put through on a daily basis. Depression is a serious condition and more stories like this can help bring the matter to light, and perhaps even help introduce a solution so that those numbers aren't so high anymore. It opened my eyes to seeing that the condition of the Correctional Officers could undoubtedly affect the prisoners as well. I think your article could've benefitted more if you had gotten a little deeper into the article. How does their mental being affect the prisoners? What was the purpose of the study? I also think a little more personal insight could've helped to let us better understand your stance on this issue and how it could pertain to us over here in the United States. Besides that, well written and descriptive article, good job!

It is an interesting study that relates the depression of males in prison to the one Chinese CIO's are suffering of. You have a good writing style, which is well used to describe a touchy subject such as how people in correctional center feel. Moreover, I recently read the chapter of a book "How to change the world", which explains in more depth the role of these new business person. According to the author of the novel, the best way to fight depression and create a pleasant environment is with the relationship between employees and employers. In the case of how people feel in jail, the author would believe it is normal since most individuals in prison constantly feel oppressed by others and guards. On the hand of the CIO's of Chinese organizations for example, it is totally normal that they tend to feel into depression because of all the pression they have from their superiors. China are working extremely hard to conquer most of the international economic market and this means they push their entreprises to the limit. Therefore such physiological reaction is typical and to be expected in these scenarios, would believe David Bornstein. Moreover, social entrepreneur would certainly be interesting in experimenting new relationship between employees and their subordinate to create an healthier atmosphere.