"To Dope or Not to Dope"

by acerv1 on March 14, 2014 - 3:35pm

Now as a freshman college student in a SUNY college, I have my fair share of stress. With all the schoolwork, living far away from home, and meeting new people; life in general is stressful for any college student in this day and age. For myself, I deal with it in simply doing things that I enjoy and would keep my mind off of the real world, even if it were only for a few moments. For example, listening to music, hanging out with friends, or just overall relaxing in my room. However, college students, currently, have taken other interesting activities in order to deal with college stress. Nowadays, young college students are pressured towards illicit drugs to take the edge off. Marijuana, alcohol, and cocaine are just a few examples of drugs that are being abused by students. Prescription drugs are also being used in order for college students to stay more focus during class, especially during the event of midterms and finals week. This expresses issues on whether or not students should abuse such things, even if they are prescribed for them. In an article called “To Dope of Not to Dope: Neuroenhancement with Prescription Drugs and Drugs of Abuse among Swiss University Students” showcases a study that takes place on surveying students that take drugs, specifically prescribed drugs in order to enhance their focus in school.

The article addresses problems that describe the prevalence of the use of prescription medications as well as the abuse of other illicit drugs for neuroenhancement among Swiss university students. The researches designed to get in contact with Swiss students from the schools: the University of Zurich, University of Basel, and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich. By contacting at least 28,118 via email, they were able to survey around 6,000 students on what type of prescription drug or illicit drugs they use during their time in school. The results consisted of that the majority of students that use prescription drugs actually helped to improve neuroenhancement; for example, it increased learning, it improved relaxation or sleep, reduced nervousness, increased performance, etc. In conclusion, the researchers found that a large amount of Swiss university students reported neuroenhancement whilst using prescription drugs and drugs of abuse when dealing with the stress of college, specifically around the time were exams are due.

The main purpose of this article is to show the connection between stresses that college or university students deal with and drugs they find in order to cope with that stress. Personally, I have not experienced with prescription or illicit drugs, but as a freshman, it is hard to cope with the stress of college life since there is a huge difference from stress in high school. There are many incidents that deal with students being caught with the use of marijuana, cocaine, and Adderall in order to help students focus and improve in school other than just getting a high. 



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