Don't Mess with Grandma

by rharr6 on February 17, 2014 - 10:37pm

                In the article Bullying by Rubel Shelley the readers are introduced to the social issue of bullying and the bullying can be conducted in more ways than one. Bullying has affected many individuals and families, because bullying becomes more that just simple teasing it can lead to severe harassment. In this article a grandmother who is 68 years old was being verbally abused on the bus she drives by the children on the bus. The children were making dreadful comments about her dead grandson who committed suicide (Shelley, 2012). This is a serious cause of suicide in our nation and actually becoming a serious problem Rubel Shelley questions whether of or not bullying could cease to exist, but Shelley seemed pretty confident that may never really end.  Rubel Shelley hopes bullying can come to an end, and wishes that people can see the error of their ways.

            Rubel Shelley took the issue bullying and presented in a case rarely seen at least by myself. The act of bullying is usually amongst to school children, but she presented a situation where a grandmother was being verbally abused by school children. Instead of only including Shelley’s own opinion rubel Shelley included others opinions on the verbal abuse of this elderly lady.  Many would make implications that the grandmother was really traumatized about the disturbing verbal assault pertaining her grandson who committed suicide.


I completely agree with this article and I think bullying is a major issue in society. Bullying can cause many problems and can lead to suicidal thoughts. Physical and verbal bullying both affect people’s lives and their emotions. The bullying traumatized the grandmother and affected many aspects of her life. I feel very bad for the way that she was treated, especially because she was an older woman. It was wrong of the kids to insult her like that and cause such a major issue to deal with in her life. The students may not have even realized how much their behavior impacted a woman’s life in such a negative way and that she will remember that day and the way they made her feel for her whole life. I believe bullying needs to come to an end and people need to start treating others the way they want to be treated. It is causing depression and even death in some cases, and it needs to be stopped.

First of all, what a great title! So original and related to your article! I thought your article was really interesting because you talk about a type of bullying that we do not often see. I believe that your article demonstrates how bullying is everywhere and that it can affect anyone, not just teenagers in high school but even older people. Your article really helped me grasp that bullying is not only in school but everywhere around us and that it has serious effects on a person. I found an article that talks about a type of bullying that is rarely talked about: adult bullying. In this article from Canadian Living, they explain and describe this not so well-known type of bullying and I was shocked to learn that one in ten workers has been victim of bullying by their boss or coworker in Quebec. Being from Montreal, it really surprises me because we never seem to talk about this issue and try to find a solution to it even if it is frequent. Here is the link to the article:

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