Destructive Decisions On the Road

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Destructive Decisions On the Road

            In the article, “Rapid drinking is associated with increases in driving-related risk-taking”, the topic of drinking and driving is broken down to explain the awful effect it has on our society. Researchers have found that societies problem is people drink too much, too fast. This can cause the individuals to make stupid and irrational decisions. The faster a person consumes the alcohol, the more impaired the person would be if they choose to drive after drinking. As we all know, the legal BAC limit is .08%, anything over would be considered driving drunk. The article states that it is 14 times more likely to drive under the influence as a binge drinker rather than a non-binge drinker. As generations change, it seems as if its more likely for individuals to drive drunk because of the amount of alcohol kids and adults drink these days. From experience, one of my best friends boyfriend had a drinking problem and he never wanted to get help. One night he drove off from a party by himself and my friends and I followed him. We witnessed him swerving all over the roads, running through stop signs, and making sharp turns. Needless to say, it was one of the scariest things I’ve ever witnessed. Drinking and driving can cause heartbreaks, injuries, and jail time to whoever decides to get behind the wheel drunk.

            In order to responsible when drinking, there is always precautions that can be taken. No one ever wants to get that one call at one in the morning saying someone close to them has been in an accident due to drunk driving.  In my opinion, there needs to be more awareness on the roads when a drunk driver is spotted. Drinking and driving cannot only danger the driver’s life, but anyone that may be driving on the road at the same time. People get away with DWI’s too easily these days and it’s not right. More actions by the law and government should be taken about so accidents involved with drunk driving decrease in our society.


Citation: Bernosky-Smith A., Aston R., Liguori, (2012 October, 2). Rapid drinking is associated with increases in driving- related risk-taking, Hum. Psychopharmacol Clin Exp, 2012; 27: 622–625. 


I think that you have chosen a very important issue to talk about! Drunk driving is a serious problem in today's society and I think it's important to talk about in order to do prevention. However, according to this an article from the gazette, deaths and serious injuries related to car accidents have reduced. Since drunk driving represents a large number of these accidents it is fair to say that people are more aware of the risks of drinking before driving.

I agree with you that drinking and driving needs more awareness, that people who get DWI’s get away with their crimes too easily and that the government needs to do more when it comes to punishment. Drunk driving is 100% preventable. Every time I hear on the news that someone has gotten hurt or died due to a drunk driver my stomach flips. It angers me so much to hear that it happens as much as it does because we as a society should know better by now. When I was in high school, I have had several of my classmates die due to drunk driving. I’ve seen what it can do not only to a family, but to a whole community. I believe that there should be no leniency when it comes to punishment. When you get your license, you are old enough to know not to drink and drive.

This article brings up a valid point, drunk driving needs more awareness, and too many people are getting away with it. I am a college student, and I completely agree with you that driving drunk is 100% preventable. Driving while intoxicated is a problem in today’s society because many people are getting away with it. There are many advertisements for DWI defense attorneys which gives people the false assumption that all they need to do is call the number and be saved. It is really a disgrace that engaging in this behavior can kill innocent people but many think it a joke and still continue to drive anyway. It would be interesting to take this research further to see if the DWI defense lawyer profit has changed over the years. Instead of advertising defense lawyers, there should be more public service announcements about the dangers of driving while intoxicated to educate the public and send the message that it is not acceptable.

I agree that drinking and driving is one of the worst things that people can do now a days. Everyone in high school should be required to take a few mandatory classes on the affects of drinking and driving. There are plenty of resources for people to get educated on the risks of something as dangerous as this. It is sad that people only realize the dangers of driving under the influence when something happens to them. I think that the government needs to organize some type of free or low cost service that brings people to where they need to be after a night of drinking then most people will not have the urge to drink and drive.

I like the take that you took with this article to analyze drunk driving, and the impact that it can have on a person and their loved ones. Drunk driving is a sad and remorseful topic in today’s society. Although I have never lost anyone from drunk driving, I have had friends who have lost siblings due to drunk driving, and it is just terrible to see how a reckless decision to drive home drunk can endanger others on the road. Yet, it seems to be a very common thing to do. I do agree with you that there needs to be a greater awareness with drunk driving, and possibly greater enforcement against it. I would be interested if you looked into what is being done against drunk driving, and what you think should be done to help society. This is also interesting because of the decision by the College at Brockport to take away their “drunk bus” on April 1st 2014. I am currently unsure whether they have given back the drunk bus, or given another alternative, but many students up roared because of the thought of an increase in drunk driving. I think the students definitely need to be careful with the decisions that they make. Drunk driving is definitely a problem in today’s society, and hopefully more actions can be taken to prevent it.

I agree with the ideas you brought up. You stated many valid points from personal experiences to legal actions.So many people go out to drink, not remembering that they are the one driving or forgetting to assign a driver that is sober. Too many people are getting away with driving while being intoxicated, risking their lives and the lives of those around them. Those drivers that are even only a lightly buzzed can be one stop sign missed from injury. Especially since people are usually driving drunk at the night, that increases the chance of an accident.

Christina Leonardo
Destructive decisions on the road
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From what I have learned from my personal teacher who is close to me, my five hour hours session, and common sense is to pay attention to others to avoid accidents. I am a licensed driver and I was taught by an excellent driver. Everyone must learn that driving is a privilege and never to be reckless. Drinking drunk is irresponsible and it is dangerous to everyone in its path. Driving is already dangerous on its own without drunk drivers because accidents occur all the time. It is never wise to drive and try to multitask with anything else. I am honored to be able to drive and everyone who drives should feel the same. I get irate when other drivers who are around me don’t drive and safe and consider other individuals’ lives. I’ve been close to being in an accident by other drivers making destructive decisions. When this occurs, it scares me to death because everything could drastically change in a rapid pace. In high school, I was on the committee for Students Against Destructive Decisions because I was so eager to drive and I have great passion for responsible people to be the only ones to drive. Driving can easily turn into a life & death situation in no time. People making reckless decision could ruin lives of all who are involved.

Good article! I like that you talk about your personal experience with witnessing drunk-driving. I, myself, have not seen one of my friend drink and drive and I hope that I never will. I agree with you that government should enhance laws against it. Here in Quebec, since 2012, new rules and penalties are more severe and even target truck drivers, bus drivers and taxi drivers. The government took the initiative to take care of this problem that we see too often in news.

This subject drinking and driving is very important since there are too many people hurt and killed because of these actions. In Quebec, we have the policy for drinking and driving called the "Quebec zero tolerance law" for new drivers or for drivers aged 21 or under. This law restrict these people to drink any alcohol before driving. The blood-alcohol limit level is also of 0.08% in Quebec. Even with these laws, many accidents occur every day. It is necessary to alert the population about this problem and find other solutions if it is necessary and if it prevents deaths.
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