Are Parents to Blame for Obese Children?

by ashoe1 on March 14, 2014 - 7:02pm

Obesity in children has been called an epidemic now that attention has been drawn to it. With the rise in childhood obesity it can increase the number of adults that are overweight as well. The health problems that people develop over time due to obesity can be very serious if nothing is changed. According to the journal, child obesity needs to be assessed right away so that the kids can use prevention or intervention programs (Obese parents—obese children?). A parents diet plan can affect a child’s weight development although early weaning promotes gaining weight. That is why the atmosphere that the child lives in should be one with patterns of healthy eating and activity. The article found that parents can play a factor into if a child becomes obese. If the parents do not set times where the kids can eat healthy food and times for them to do activity then it is easier to become overweight. A child’s development of his body would not develop as well if they were obese that is why parents need to keep track their habits.


The main purpose of the article is to help find out the causes of child obesity. The key question the author is addressing is if parents are the reason for child obesity. The most important information in this article is telling parents to develop times for their kids to eat and play. The main inferences in this article are that parents are a big reason for childhood obesity, as some parents are obese themselves. If we fail to take this line of reasoning seriously, the implications are that obesity will become a major problem as more adults will become overweight leading to major medical problems. The main point of view in this article was that child obesity needs to be stopped and action needs to be taken.



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I appreciate that you took the time to look into such an important topic. Childhood obesity is a major problem that I have been looking into for my entire college career as an exercise physiology major. Standards that were once used to assess what deems a child as obese have changed in the past 10 years in order to accommodate the growing size of children. As the obesity epidemic spreads, especially to children, the public’s eyes instantly look to parent’s lifestyles and how they impact the diets of their children. Although parents to play a major role in childhood obesity, the blame cannot be placed squarely on their shoulders. The media, schools systems, socioeconomic status and the availability of health food options in grocery stores are just some other sources that could be blamed. In some parts of the country, there are food desserts, which are places that lack grocery stores or have very limited selections in their grocery stores. The lack of fresh produce in these places in a major factor that causes childhood obesity. The obesity crisis is only getting worst, and it is important that all factors be addressed in order to help cure this life threatening disease.

Childhood obesity is now a big issue that you really can’t overlook it. Since it has become such a big issue people can call it a form of abuse. There are so many reasons that contribute to the rise in childhood obesity. This can be a problem especially if most families live in an area that gives now support in how to obtain fresh fruits or vegetables, how to cook healthy foods, or facilities or schools that provide help in exercise. Parents are one of many factors on how large a child gets but it’s not the only soul factor. If a child grows up in a household with obese parents they will more than likely be obese. It takes the child to set their own lifestyle but with children as young as four years old it is difficult.
In my experience, obesity is on both sides of the family even many heart problems and other things so this information is not all the new to me. I am always told I have to be mindful of what I eat or about not exercising since if one problem does not get me another will. It’s sad reality to see many family members are like that.

I agree that parents are starting to become the reason that children are obese. These days parents are not very structured with meal times, and are not necessarily choosing the healthiest of meals. This is putting children at higher risks for medical problems, maybe not now but further along in their lives they are at a higher risk. In my community at home I notice that in most cases if a parent is obese, or overweight so are their children. When kids are at young ages they can not be held responsible for making healthy and smart decisions. Whatever the kids parents feed them is what they eat. It is shame that due to poor decisions made by parents the health of their children is being put in jeopardy.

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