Are DIY abortions your best option?

by skami2 on February 15, 2014 - 5:19pm

This article addresses the rise of “do-it-yourself” abortions and the complications that often arise.  Jennie Linn McCormack’s story was shared in which she took abortion pills and ended up delivering a five-month old fetus.  At the time of the abortion, McCormack was unaware of how far along she was, but could not afford a clinical abortion.  She was charged for her illegal at home abortion and had to go through the court system.  McCormack was not the only woman who was charged with this felony.  As a result of the expense of abortions, as well as the lack of clinics, many women turn to home abortions.  Many of these women are not aware of the risks of these kinds of abortions such as hemorrhaging, hysterectomies and sepsis (Calhoun 2012). If more people were aware of the complications of at home abortions they would be more open to clinical abortions.  Unfortunately, the price of abortions prevent women from going to the clinics.  It also is hard for women to find clinics that perform abortions because of the opposition to it, especially in the south.  Some states only have one or two clinics, many of which are under constant threat of closure.

This article’s purpose is to make the reader and others aware of the unavailability of clinics.  It gives specific, real-life examples that could happen to anyone.  If someone feels that they cannot provide for their child, they should have different options.  However, they should also be aware of the consequences that can arise if they choose to do an at home dangerous abortion.  This article gives specific health issues that can occur if one chooses to have an at home abortion.  This article also address the fact that although some women would rather have a safe clinical abortion, it is not possible for them because of the lack of clinics as well as the price.  One goal of this article may have been to bring attention to this issue in hope that someone would want to take action. 

Calhoun, A. (2012). The Rise of DIY Abortions. (Cover story). New Republic243(20), 14-17.


Your post was heartbreaking. It is a necessity for woman to have access to the resources needed in order to have the choice that will affect their life forever. I after reading your post I am happy that we had men like Dr. Morgentaler who fought for woman's rights and to opened the first abortion clinic in Montreal. Here is a link to know more about Dr. Morgentaler.