Alcohol, Fun or Danger?

by ngros3 on April 14, 2014 - 8:53pm

Heavy alcohol consumption is a huge risk factor for many future health problems and is a major contributor to worldwide disease. Rehm (2011) describes and shows all the problems with our society today and drinking. Men and women have started drinking earlier and earlier which can cause younger users to be alcohol dependent by the time they are legal to drink. This causes these younger users to develop conditions that alcohol causes earlier than they should have ever developed. Alcohol can lead to many different conditions such as alcohol use disorders (AUDs).  These conditions consist of cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Alcohol can hurt the user and others due to the unintentional injuries that may occur. These injuries consist of drinking while driving and other events that would not have happened if the user was sober. Alcohol users that start drinking young will experience these illnesses sooner in life unless they change their habits.

            The major implication of this article is to show how much alcohol can burden the world with diseases. The most important information in this article is how many organs or diseases alcohol can affect. Alcohol can affect almost every organ in the body, but most importantly the brain and liver. From personal experience, I have seen how alcohol affects the brain and emotion. I've seen the damages caused by alcohol and it worries me to think that more and more people are drinking alcohol without a care in the world. The main inference in this article is that alcohol can be dangerous and lead to future events or conditions that you may regret later. When I am out at a party with my group of friends, I am their designated driver all of the time since I do not drink alcohol. This allows me to observe their behaviors as they slowly drink more and more. I have observed the multiple stages of being drunk due to this. There have been countless moments where I have had to advise them not to do something incredibly stupid. In a way, I have to baby sit them to make sure they do not ruin their night with something that may come to later regret. That is a risk of younger drinkers since young drinkers will not be affected by the major conditions until later in their life, if they continue with the actions mentioned above. Unless their actions affects their well-being now, for example, drinking while driving. If we fail to take the effects of alcohol seriously, the implications are that we will develop a condition or worse die at a young age due to reckless actions. I personally know of someone in my hometown that died in September 2013 when he flipped his car because he couldn't keep control of his car. Once his body was taken in to test if he had any drugs in his system, it was found that he had alcohol in his system. What I can take from this article is that alcohol should be used wisely and be used in responsible company. This is because a bad habit or a dumb decision can change your life permanently, which is not worth it when life is so short.



Rehm, J. (2011). The Risks Associated With Alcohol Use and Alcoholism. Alcohol Research & Health, 34(2), 135-143.0


I agree with this article fully on all bases. Alcohol has been a major problem globally. It causes many diseases that affect the person drinking and the people around them. I am in college and I see what alcohol does to people first hand. It is not a good sight to see people who are on the ground passed out, with no one to help him or her. It is a crazy sight to see people arrested because they were drinking. I do not drink either, so my friends tell me how alcohol affects their body. They say it makes you feel good and drowsy at the same time. Drinking too much can make you nauseous eventually vomit especially if you are in tight spaces. I notice when they are drunk, they say anything that comes to mind. So if they are talking to a girl, they can say what’s on their mind without holding their tongue. If they were sober, they think of what to say next. Kids are drinking at a young age and drinking irresponsibly, which will get them sick earlier in life. It is true “life is so short, it is not worth it.”