Alcohol Dependency

by jfree1 on February 16, 2014 - 8:50pm

Alcohol dependence, as Allsup (2010) states, is a psychological illness that tends to be a result as a response to adverse environmental conditions. (p.1) When an alcoholic has one drink, it sets off a chain reaction that loses that person’s ability to limit themselves to that one drink. Alcohol is not so much a physical allergy, but more so of a cognitive expectation, to reach a physical abnormality. Alcohol attracts people because it helps to relieve stress and deters people from their troubles that they may be encountering. Another appealing aspect of alcohol is that it lifts social inhibitions. Yet these appealing aspects of alcohol are only temporary. Alcohol can affect the body by intoxication, damage, and physical dependence.  (Allsup, 2010, p.3) There are many clinics that supports those suffering from alcohol dependence, such as Alcoholics Anonymous.

            Allsup laid out a very clear purpose about analyzing the psychological effects of alcohol abuse. Allsup took this purpose and found the underlying  Allsup looks at the causes of alcohol dependency such as why it is appealing, and why some people have it enough to the point to where it becomes an illness. Allsup brings in a broad horizon of aspects to alcohol to analyze its psychological effects.  Allsup’s point of view is clear, yet he does not lead to implications without evidence to back him up. Allsup’s reasoning is supported by evidence where he does not only bring in information and data to support his claims, he brings in personal stories of individuals and how alcohol dependency has effected them. This adds a personal feel to the article that creates a story and image in the reader’s mind, instead of giving the reader a plot of numbers related to data.