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by rcase3 on November 4, 2013 - 11:44pm


Renee Casey                                                                                                 


            Teen pregnancy has been associated with many other issues. Research has shown that teen mothers are delinquents and have a drug problem. Also, they are more likely going to become pregnant depending on how they grew up. An experiment was performed and supported that girls who grew up in foster care were more likely going to become pregnant as a teenager compared to girls who grew up in group homes. 

            I have witnessed teen pregnancy in my high school and both of the girls came from nice families. One girl was only a fourteen-year-old freshman. At that age most girls could not imagine caring for their own child. Most teenage girls will babysit a child for one night but are able to leave the child for the parents to care for after. Once you become pregnant, you have to be capable of caring for a child 24/7. This young girl had a boyfriend and she lived in a stable home with both of her parents. The main purpose of this article is to prove the relationship between teen pregnancy and whether they came for a group home of foster care. However it fails to talk about other variables such as a teenage girl growing up in a normal home. The article does mention that substance abuse can be a result of teen pregnancy.











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When you say teen mothers are delinquent and have a drug problem, i know it is mostly referring to the article or book. Not all mothers who are pregnant at a young age is because they have a drug problems that might be just stereotyping. The second paragraph is sort of complicated the way it is placed in the paragraph maybe explain or put your details more in depth.

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