Stigma Factors of Homelessness

by ahike1 on October 21, 2013 - 5:03pm

A major point of this article is to talk about how the identity of homeless people is stigmatized and proven through surveys. Some of the data from the article was obtained by analyzing conversations about homelessness gathered in focus groups containing members from the general public. The article mentions that there are two sides or point of views about homelessness. There are people who care about homelessness and people who don't even care. People who care about homelessness help specific homeless people and treat them like they are just like themselves. A major point of this article is that negative attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors have stigmatizing potential, but positive attitudes could lead to stigma reduction. In this article, it also talks about how homelessness is divided into equally stigmatizing categories of deserving and undeserving poor. The conclusion made in this article is that stigma is embedded in the language used by people participating in social interactions about homelessness. It is also concluded that there is no specific solution to the problem of stigma.

The main purpose of this article is to discuss how stigmatizing homelessness is a social problem caused by people's points of views about homeless people's identity is showed in social interactions about homelessness. The key question that the author is addressing is why can't everyone view everybody the same so that there is no stigmatizing about certain groups of people like the homeless ones. The most important information in this article is the data received from the surveys that were done about the stigma of homelessness. The main conclusion in this article is that the stigma of homelessness can't be controlled completely, but you can control how you social interact about homelessness yourself. The main points of view presented in this article are that there are two general different points of view about homelessness and one group strongly impacts the stigma of homelessness. This group is the group that negatively socializes about homelessness.



This post has a very good discussion on the different ways that people view the homeless. There are both types of people shown in everyday life. Around where I live, homeless people are often thought of as people who are lazy and should get a job instead of begging for money. When in actuality some of them could have jobs, but poor jobs that cannot make them enough money to support themselves. The stigma associated with homelessness is a very negative one most of the time, and sometimes stigmas do actually characterize people. To the people out there that actually care about this problem, they may see it in a different way.