Is spanking a child the best form of discipline?

by alara1 on October 21, 2013 - 7:26pm

                Is hitting a child to teach them a lesson ever okay? This article researches the effects of a child behavior when they are being hit.  Do they become more aggressive as they become older?  They conducted research and measured a child’s aggressive behavior at the age of three.  When the child turned five, they wanted to see if spanking increased their aggression.  When hitting a child, there are many factors that come into play that could result in their aggression.  Is alcohol playing a role in the spanking or do they live in a single parent household?  When the people were conducting this experiment they wanted to see if the biological father was present in the household because they wanted to test if just a fathers spanking made the child more aggressive.  Mothers on average hit their child more than twice a month; this resulted in the increase of child aggression when they turned five.  If a parent hit their kid once a month or fewer, the likelihood of child aggression decreased.
                 The research focuses primarily on parents hitting their children.  They are shedding light by providing us with evidence on the negative impacts of spanking.  In my opinion, spanking a child is based on culture and where you grew up.  Hispanic parents are more likely to hit their children than white parents.  It depends where these parents grew up and how their parents raised them.  Hispanic parents hit their children to teach them a lesson but they do many other things like time outs and etc.  They do this to teach their children a lesson. The main point that this article is trying to make if spanking a child is the best form of discipline. 
REFERENCES: Children & Youth Services Review. Sep2013, Vol. 35 Issue 9, p1476-1485. 10p.


While scanning through the different news summary to read your entry caught my eye. Today in society we don't really think about hitting or spanking a child anymore because it is seen as child abuse and could have potential affects to the child. I agree that the nature of disciplining your child comes from your own personal context and how you were raised and grew up in. If you lived in a house where spanking is acceptable and was done to show you a negative consequence of an action then you are more likely to support spanking your child, as long as you grew up and don't have any negative associations with it. However, sadly in some cases spanking or hitting your child left damaging affects to a person and when they grew up would never spank a child. In my opinion you should never automatically resort to violence, all that is doing is teaching your child violence and being scared in return. Today there are many parenting books out there that show parents how to constructively discipline your child. However I don't believe that spanking is "child abuse" in all cases. Most of the time the parent is just trying to associated the wrong act with another wrong act so the child will know not to do it anymore. In some cases as we know the violent act of spanking can get out of hand and may lead to other violent acts that can be considered as child abuse. I think overall its just best to ignore the potential mess and try to discipline your child in another way.
Although I really liked your topic for this article I wish that you would of included more detail and your own opinion about the subject, and maybe other tips and advice from a website about what to do instead of spanking or hitting your child!

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