Smoke Screen

by bszab1 on September 17, 2013 - 8:18pm

The article “Smoke Screen” talks a lot about how even though a lot more teenagers are starting to smoke at a younger age, some teenagers have found a way to outsmart the Tobacco Marketing Company. Researchers at the University of Massachusetts discovered that when young adults are given merchandise with the tobacco logos on them, then they are three times more likely to at least try cigarettes. Also teachers and parents have learned to tell their kids and students what to think about when it comes to tobacco. Everyone is starting to come up with new ways to make children aware about the real danger of smoking instead of just lecturing them all the time about it. Because it really just goes in one ear and out the other. This article also talks about how adults are really big influence on their children whether they realize it or not. 

            The most significant part of this article would have to be that adults have a huge influence on their children. It is a proven fact that 75% of children live in a house hold where their parents smoke. So if parents don’t want their child to ever smoke then they have to quit themselves. A huge concern that I have with smoking is children these days are always trying to act older than their age so because back then smoking was the “cool” thing to do, they will do it just to try and be cool and fit in. Also peer pressure is becoming more and more of a problem that’s hard to contain and because they don’t want to feel left out by their friends and just “fit in” they will smoke anyways. Eventually they will become addicted and it all started from the wrong reason.








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I like how you incorporated how parents and other elders are a great big influence on child. I personally have gotten raised by two set of parents that all smoked from cigars to cigarettes and from my experience I came to hate cigarettes. But in my hometown it was very common for parents to smoke around their kids and the majority of those kids smoke as of the age of 14. It’s a bad influence but sadly it a true influence.

This article is interesting because smoking has a big impact on a lot of people’s lives, including my own. Having parents that smoke really impact children’s decision on weather to or not. I grew up with many members of my family smoking cigarettes, and that influenced me to try it. If my parents actually did not smoke, instead of just telling me not to, I probably would never have tried it. Luckily I hated it, but many of my friends have been smoking sense they were really young, because their parents influenced them.
One thing you could do to improve your post would be to explain the ways in which people are making children aware of the dangers of smoking. You could explain which ways work best and which ways don’t work. An important thing to explain could be how to avoid peer pressure.

It is a very interesting and constructive summary that you did. It is sad to see more and more often child smoking ignoring the bad effects that cigarettes have on the body. I see to many people in my life dying because of this, and according to me it is important that people know the effects. Once you begin to take these, it is sometime too late. Also, like you write in your summary children want to be older than they really are, so it would be difficult that someone who to don’t smoke and tell them to not smoke because they want to be cool and will not listen. It must be a subject more discussed by authority and influence people.

I completely agree with you, when you mention parents do influence you if they smoke. There are many reasons why people start smoking but it isn't just because parents smoke that when children are older they will smoke. There are many friends who influence you, you can be stress at school and with other personal problems that have nothing to do with parents. Most children probably don't understand how bad it is for you and they don't care people others are also doing it. Well once these people get older they will understand why and they will ask themselves why they did that. Some are able to stop, but if you are surrounded with people who smoke then this also might be hard.

Great summary. You say "adults have a huge influence on their children", it is true but in so many cases, the parents don't smoke and tell the kid not to smoke, but he still does. Is this the parents' fault? A lot of kids just tend to want to be a rebel, which has nothing to do with the parents' influence. I feel like the article should have included some of this information instead of making it seem like it's the parents' fault!

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