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             Almost half a million teens aged 15-19 years gave birth in the United States in 2009. Teen birth numbers in the United States remain higher than other countries. Although the numbers go beyond, the rate of teen pregnancy has actually decreased throughout the years concluding that less teens are having sexual intercourse in high school and more sexually active students are using some method of protection. However, the United States still has about nine times as many teenagers having children than other countries. Compared to adults who are at the proper age to bare children; teenagers tend to birth low weighted, premature babies. Sometimes there’s even infant death. Teenagers having children also set out a disadvantage. Teen mothers are less likely to finish high school, their children tend to have low school achievement, drop out of high school and have children at a young age themselves.  The United States loses billions of dollars in tax revenue every year due to teen child bearing. 46 percent of high school students have been sexually active, and 12 percent haven’t used any form of protection in their last sexual intercourse. About half of United States teens have talked to their parents about how to say no sexual intercourse and the means of birth control; however, more teens need sex education and the opportunity to talk to their parents about pregnancy prevention and sexual and reproductive health. In 2009, about 5,000 females aged 10 to 14 have given birth and those are the lowest numbers reported in 60 years. Giving birth at such a young age is definitely of much concern and many females need the guidance to not go down this path. There’s so much life ahead of many of these teens and having a baby could be saved for later on in life when the mothers are actually fit and stable to provide for them.


            The main points of view represented in this article are the astonishing numbers and disadvantages of teenage pregnancy. Many teen parents suffer from no education, low income, and medical issues. Having a baby is a life-changing event and really shouldn’t be done until one’s life is stable enough to provide for the baby full out. The article “Vital Signs: Teen Pregnancy” lists a lot of data that shows the large amount of teenagers having children every year. Teen pregnancy is an unexpected one; the mother is emotionally, physically, financially and mentally unprepared. Also, the female doesn’t reach her ideal child bearing age until she’s around twenty years old and can typically be able to actually support another human being. More parents need to enforce the disadvantages of sexual intercourse and pregnancy at a young age. Teens need to constantly be around the proper guidance so they don’t go making mistakes that can affect the rest of their lives. Babies should not be having babies!




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I agree with what you say. Many teens are having babies and they are depriving themselves from education and low income. It is incredible to see that so many teenagers are having unprotected sex which puts them in dangerous positions. I think the topic of teen pregnancy should be taught every year to inform teenagers about the danger of having a baby at a young age. Or just making teenagers aware of using protection during intercourse would reduce teen pregnancies even if its decreasing in numbers we still need to make sure it doesn’t increase in the future. Teen pregnancy can be reduced which would have as a result more tax money the government can use in other domains. Not only does the government need to spend money for day care but some parents cannot afford to pay for daycare and they have to leave their kids at their grand-parents. It doesn’t just affect the parents but it affects the grand-parents who have to take care of their grand-child. Teen pregnancy needs to shown to children who are starting puberty to make them aware of the dangers of having a baby at a young age.

I completely agree with what was said in the article on how the teens that are having these babies are not going to have a good education. This is an issuing that is growing and something needs to change soon! I also agree with DThibault when they said that children should be taught at a young age (when they hit puberty or soon after) about teenage pregnancy to give them a little scare so they learn early that if and when they choose to have sex, than to do it responsibly. High school wasn't designed for children to have enough time to raise a child for a reason! During my last year as a high school student, a lot of teens in school were starting to get pregnant. For some of them it wasn’t their first child either. A couple of them dropped out to raise their kid and work. They might never get their high school diploma because they will always have an excuse for why they won’t go back to school and a big reason is because the motivation will not be there anymore. I fully understand that a large majority of the teen pregnancies are not planned pregnancies, but if you feel like you are old enough to have sex then you are old enough to be responsible about it and use protection.

I definitely agree with the concluding statement "babies should not be having babies." The amount of statistics that you have included in this response really made me think about the amount of teen moms I know. The ones that I know have not gone onto college, but are not bad mothers. I think it is possible to be a teen mom, it just isn't realistic to have the life that was originally imagined for that teen. I believe that a huge factor into teen pregnancy is how the media glamorizes it. The amount of seasons that are aired on MTV’s “Teen Mom” just make it look easier and easier for the younger generations. I think that if the United States is losing so much tax money from teen pregnancies, they should not allow the media to make teen pregnancy look a lot easier than it truly is. This was very well written and after reading this, now I know the exact statistics on teen pregnancy and how it can negatively affect the teen herself.

I completely agree with what you said. Teenagers should not be having babies until they're not only financially but also emotionally ready. Many teenagers see MTV's "Teen Mom" show and see how is it is. The truth is they only show you what you want to see. They hide the truth of pregnancy from you to make the show more appealing. My sister had a baby when she was 23, with her boyfriend of 6 years. They seemed in love but she was still in school and had a hard time with all of this. She got through school but it was more difficult than she expected. She got no sleep most nights and still had to go to school the next day. To keep them financially stable she went back to working at the hospital 6 weeks after she gave birth. I was there for her throughout her pregnancy and it is nothing like the TV shows. You have to remember that reality is harder than you think. Parents need to teach their child at a young age what sex is and the consequences of participating in those actions. Teenagers should never have a baby if they think they can't provide for it. The statistics you gave in this post were very shocking to me. I knew the number was high but not that high. I think you explained your point very clear and to the point. "Babies should not have Babies".

This issue should be brought up and talked about more than it is. Teenage pregnancy in today’s world is a bigger concern than people think. There are so many girls that get pregnant very young. I bet it has happened in anyone of your schools because it happened in my sophomore year. We had a couple of teen pregnancies throughout high school. Teenagers don’t understand that getting an education and a good job is. That is the only way you can survive in today’s world. By having a baby at a very young age that makes it very difficult to achieve because you will need a job right away to buy supplies for the baby. You will need to have a job, go to school, and take care of the baby all at one time. It is not worth all of the grief so that is why people should wait until they are out of college and have a job to have a baby.

I'm commenting on this because I find it incredible that we even have this problem. I personally believe that the people at fault for this massive teenage pregnancy is the sexualisation of the media. The media now represents little 12 year old girls with clothing that an adult woman would wear and with makeup. These images make little girls think that at 12 years old or sometimes even younger, they too are all grown up and therefore can do grown up things like have boyfriends and have sex. So in order to tackle this issue we should try to change how the media portrays little girls as well as raise awareness about teen pregnancy at younger ages so the girls are discouraged from going down these paths.

This is a great post. I completely agree with what you have to say regarding teen pregnancy. I have watched many girls in my community have children at a young age and struggle to provide a decent life for their child. Many of these girls were unable to go to college because they had to attend to their children and work to provide necessities for them. I feel it is important for parents to properly educate their children on the consequences they may face being sexually active and also educate them about the struggles they will go through becoming a teenage mother. I also believe it does not help the way television portrays the life of a teenage mother. Television shows such as Teen Mom, and 16 and Pregnant seem to make being a teen mother appear to be easy.
I also found it very interesting to learn that the United States has nine times the amount of pregnant teenagers than any other country. I never looked into the statistics based on other countries. When researching what exactly these statistics were I came across a website that didn’t give clear statistics about the US compared to other countries however showed the correlation that exists between the rate of teen pregnancy and race and ethnicity within the US. I feel this would be an interesting topic to research and determine why there is a correlation that exists. Another statistic this website pointed out that you may be interested in looking into is the higher percentage of teen pregnancy in the southern states.

I really don't understand how kids age between 10-14 give birth to a or some child. It is not all of them who might decided to have sex, but at least a high average did and I think sex has became too trivialized. It is scary how the rate of pregnancy in teenagers is high. I didn't know it was so high in the United States. But it is not really surprising with shows of pregnant girls they display on the television. The media trivialize sex way too much these day and it gives a bad influence on teenagers. There even not teenagers yet, they are kids. They do not understand how important it is and they get pregnant and it's not just bad for them, it's bad for the babies they give birth to. It's true that if a teenage get pregnant, it will came in the way of school, it will disturb her and they often drop out or their grades decreases. This too is a problem that it is not taken seriously enough.

I’d like to start out by saying I completely agree with the article and your opinion. Teen pregnancy is getting a little out of hand. This relates to my life because just recently my younger cousin who I’m pretty sure is either 16 or 17 just had a child. Granted she is doing relatively well and trying to raise him to the best of her ability, she is still too young to be a mother. She doesn’t have income to support the child nor will she be able to improve her income because her chances of finishing high school and going to college are increasing as the child is growing and needing more. I don’t know how she is going to do it.

With that said, I think a lot of responsibility falls on the parents of the pregnant teens. Parents need to educate their children and either prevent them from having sex or ensure they are practicing “safe sex” and using protection. The only thing I could say that could refute this idea is the parents can only do so much. They can tell the kids what they are and aren’t supposed to do and how to do things it’s up to the kids to the extent that they listen and follow what the parents are advising. The children are at fault because of all the sex education out there, they know the risk they are taking every time they have sex, a lot of teens are just careless. Another problem that this article brought to mind was the popularity of the shows “Teen Mom,” and “16 and Pregnant.” These shows are well known and on public television for any teen to watch. Some girls may admire the popularity and publicity and like any teen or essentially still child at this point, idolizes the people on TV. Maybe we should stop airing shows with this theme as it could potentially contribute to the rise in teen pregnancy.

I agree with what you said. I think this is a major issue going on in United States, that could be helped. There should be more measures to say to teenagers how to have protected sex, because being pregnant at a young age can affect your health and will definitely change your life. You talked about a very important fact, the one that that teens are not ready to be parents; if their are not ready it can negative have affects on their children. It is too much responsibilities to raise a child so young. I also think that media are, in a way, responsible for it. Teens are so affected by what's going on, and there has been so many TV shows with teen pregnant girls that for some people, it is now became some thing that is not so shocking.

This is such a great post and a good topic to talk about. I completely agree with your argument. There have been many teen girls in my community that have already had children at such a young age, some even being people I was friends with and family members. I have known many girls who had babies and there life was totally changed by it. Some weren't able to go to college or even afford it and were faced with many struggles because of the price it costs to take good care of a child. It can be so hard and sad to watch. I also agree with the fact that parents should keep educating their children about teen pregnancy and all of the effects it has on society. Girls may be getting the wrong impression from some of the very popular teen pregnancy TV shows on MTV, or even anything that comes from the media. I personally think that after young girls watch these shows they don't necessarily go out and have a child because they think its easy and fun but because they watched other young girls on TV do it and make it possible so they believe they can do the same, which isn't always true. It was very shocking to me to read that almost have a million teens between 15 and 19 gave birth in the U.S in 2009. I knew the numbers were high but that just seems unreal to me. Overall, it was a such a good article and I really enjoyed reading it.

I strongly agree with the main points in this article. I believe whole-heartedly that babies should not be having babies. It is 100% preventable to not get pregnant before one is ready. It is selfish and not fair to the poor baby that will be born to a mother that cannot fully provide for their child. Most likely, the teenage mother will not have received a degree that can be used to raise a child. Being financially unstable is always a problem and is very hard to fix, especially as a teenage mother. Also, there is a possibility that if the father was irresponsible with practicing safe sex, it is likely that the father will be irresponsible with raising the child. I also strongly agree with the point that has been made about the child of a teen mother being likely have a child at a young age as well. This is a common issue that is faced in the society we live in today. This shows that as a young parent, it may be difficult to properly raise your child and teach them right from wrong. As a teenager, I am around the age of girls getting pregnant too young. It is easier to use protection and not get pregnant than it is to raise a child. It is important for all teenagers, males and females, to be informed and educated about sexual intercourse.

I completely agree with you. Way too many teens are having babies and its drastically affecting their lives. The line “Babies should not be having babies!” is my favorite line because it is so true. During your teen years you should be worrying about your homework and not a baby. Getting pregnant when you are young changes everything and most of the time it is not for the better. Many teenage mothers will drop out of school and never go back which means that they have a hard time being successful. They will end up with a job that they hate and a low income, because of this they will most likely be stuck here for the rest of their lives. Mothers with no education will not be able to get a great job which will greatly affect their home. I believe that something really needs to be done about teenage pregnancy because I have seen people that are struggling with it. Girls in my school have had to drop out of school because they couldn’t handle everything. These kids are exactly that kids, which means that they should not be having kids of their own, not yet at least.

I totally agree with your summary! It is sad to know that many girls giving birth at a very young age because they are not awareness. Also, many girls feel that they need to prove themselves to the boys, and despite this they do not take precautions. Also, they feel uncomfortable to talk to their parents because sometime it is not a easy subject to talk when your 10 or 14 years old. They are still children, they are not enough mature and responsible to take care to a baby because they are still dependent of their own parents! Also, when young girls are pregnant at this age, when they did the act, they think they are enough old to did it without regarding the consequences and the real values of this. That is why it is important to aware children when they are in Elementary School and in High School.

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