Parenting Stress vs. Psychiatric Stress

by ksira1 on October 18, 2013 - 2:03pm

Summary: A study was done on the effects of teen pregnancy and how it affects teen mothers. This article is written about 15 year old Sandy and how teen pregnancy with the father of her child out of the picture affected her.

When a teenager is pregnant they battle so many different emotions. They can question whether keeping the child is a good decision or not, if they will stay with the baby’s father, if their parents will be accepting of the pregnancy, what will people at school think, will they need alternative schooling? The list for the stresses and questions of teen parents is endless. The major design of this research is a case study. The major findings of this study are that this teen ended up having a psychiatric illness that needed to be treated which is a result of the pregnancy and the baby’s father was leaving. Most teens should be asked simple questions when they are first aware of being pregnant to determine if motherhood is a reasonable option for them. These questions are: What are your expectations of motherhood? What are your expectations of the infant? What are your expectations of the baby’s father? What is the family’s response? What are your goals for further education/work? Then following those questions a small intervention may be needed. Approach this cautiously and in a nonjudgmental way. Inform the teen on pregnancy and motherhood if they seem to have a false hope for it or do not know what to expect at all. To conclude everything make sure everyone is on the same page; the parents, the baby’s parents, the father to the child. Also make sure that any psychiatric illnesses are taken care of.


My evaluation of this article is that it was published to inform teens and even parents of teens more on pregnancy and what really comes from it. In the third paragraph this idea is supported and leads into the article by saying “An adolescent’s ability to cope with pregnancy and parenting is affected by their social relationships” (p.1). In my opinion the purpose is clearly implied because it was done as a case study. Also, the audience to this article knows a basis of what to expect because the title is clear and apt in describing the context.  This article and its purpose are extremely justifiable and may be very helpful to someone looking for information. The information in the article is extremely descriptive and in-depth. This helps the reader connect on a personal level with the article and the information really comes through. I also like the way that the author of the article discusses matters from her professional point of view and also from the teenage girl’s point of view. In the beginning of the article the author uses Sandy’s situation to build the whole article; “Sandy, a 15-year-old presented at 14 weeks’ gestation following an overdose of her antidepressant medication citalopram (Celexa). An evaluation revealed that Sandy had immediately informed her mother after taking the overdose and she subsequently denied suicidal intent. However, the evaluation revealed symptoms of depression and social stresses…etc.” (p.4), this way the reader knows the background of the case study and frames the problem well.


APA Style Citation:


Whiteley, L., & Brown, L. (2010). Clinical perspective: Understanding psychosocial complexities of pregnant and parenting teens. Brown University Child & Adolescent Behavior Letter, 26(6), 1-6.


I chose to comment on this piece of writing because I feel that it is important, especially for teens, in today’s society. Many teens, although there is knowledge of contraception, are falling pregnant and often don’t know what to do about it. This article definitely would be informative for anyone who is in that kind of position. I, personally, did not realize just how much stress these young mothers can be put under and how it can severely affect them. I did have a general knowledge because obviously babies are stressful for people who are teenagers. But most people are strongly against teen mothers and that can add more stress. I think you did a very good job summarizing the main points of the article, stating how to help a teen make a decision about a baby would be very helpful to anyone who is in that situation. Although I do not personally know anyone who is in that situation, I imagine that it would be very stressful, and having the parents of these teens realize that they can help with the stress by asking them these questions may help the teen more than most people realize. I am interested in this because of how important it is to make sure that the person in this situation is not stressed because it is not healthy for the child or for the mother. I feel you did a very good job presenting this idea and I strongly feel that this could help teen mothers.