Parenting and Relationships

by fhall1 on November 4, 2013 - 8:46pm

            Parenting is usually based on the environmental and genetic factors that distinguish individual families. Also, many stressors within families such as maltreatment, partner violence, alcohol/drug abuse, and mental health problems can extremely affect families in a negative way. Children growing up in these types of families risk developing these types of problems. Parenting is also much more difficult when parents have problems such as these. There is a significant problem in the United States as so many children deal with problems in their families. For example, in 2009, it was estimated that 702,000 children were found to be victims of maltreatment from their parents/guardians. Maltreatment can have lasting effects on children. This article talks about the study of an intensive 15-week parenting program called Nurturing Parents Program (NPP). It’s a program for individuals who are at risk or are already involved with the child welfare system. The groups meet weekly and discuss topics such as empathy, problem-solving, addressing and managing anger, and types of discipline.

            Throughout this program, some parents have the ability to overcome their problems and become better parents. Significant improvements were made throughout this program. Also, two-thirds of parents in this study have dealt with past abuse. This proves that although abuse can be a genetic issue but it can be resolved. Overall, it’s important for parents to fix their issues so they can have a better relationship with their children. If not, children can grow up and become parents and become the same way. 

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