I Will Cross The Ocean For You.... Would you do it for me?

by ichar1 on November 18, 2013 - 10:19pm

In the film Welcome (2009) many viewers just focus on the main character Bilal and his struggles throughout the film however not a lot of people see the film through his girlfriend Mina’s perspective. Although Philippe Lioret’s main purpose of this movie was to show how far Bilal was willing to go for love. He was in love with Mina and was willing to do anything for her. Throughout the film Mina can appear not to care for Bilal as much as he cared for her. However that might not be the case although that’s what it seems. Mina was “stuck.” Her family moved from her homeland to the United Kingdom. That caused her to have a long distance relationship with Bilal. Mina’s biggest issue was she was torn between two worlds. In her original homeland the norm is for marriages to be arranged by the families of the soon to be married couple. However, moving out of her hometown it was hard for her to still follow the customs from home. When her family moved to the United Kingdom Mina was able to see couples picking who they want to be with on their own and not have to hide it from their families. To live in a society where the norm to date whoever you want and do whatever you want but to still follow the norms of their culture back at home was hard for Mina. She was torn between the boy she loves and her family. However the director of the film chose to only focus on how hard it was for Bilal.

In several scenes the director shows how hard it is for Bilal to get in contact with Mina. In the beginning of the movie it showed Bilal trying to get in contact with Mina to let her know that he is on his way to go see her. When he calls her, Mina’s brother answers the phone warning him about calling the house phone. He then tells Bilal that he shouldn’t call that number and gives him a cell phone number to call Mina from to avoid calling the house phone. The problem with Bilal calling the house phone was because Mina’s father didn’t approve of their relationship. Her father had other plans for Mina which brings me back to mentioning the cultural norm of their homeland. The cultural norm is to set up arrange marriages. Mina was set to marry her cousin who owned a restaurant. The main reason that her father wanted her to marry her cousin was because of the fact that he owned a restaurant. It didn’t matter if she wanted to marry him or not, he made the decision for her and that was final. Another scene was when Bilal called the house phone again later in the movie because there wasn’t an answer on cell phone the brother gave him to call. This time Bilal wasn’t lucky to have her brother answer the phone, this time it was her father that answered. He then took the phone into a private room in the house and told Bilal not to call anymore. He told Bilal that he didn’t approve of the relationship he was attempting to hide. At that moment Bilal is working his hardest to find a way to get to Mina before her father sends her to marry someone else. The final scene I will be mentioning is the scene where Mina is stuck to make her decision on either Bilal or her family. Mina calls Bilal to tell him not to travel to her anymore that she will be marrying her cousin. This scene shows how hard it is for Mina to make this decision because as she is telling Bilal this she’s crying. It wasn’t an easy decision for her to choose between him and her family. Those were the last words Mina said to Bilal in the whole film and after that scene Bilal dies trying to swim across the channel to Mina so he can stop the wedding and be with the woman he loves.

Lioret, P. (Director) (2009). Welcome [DVD]. 

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