How Have Cell Phones Impacted Teenagers’ Socialization?

by mpett3 on November 4, 2013 - 5:45pm

Mobile phones have had a huge impact on how teenagers socialize with both their peer groups and family members.  This form of communication has changed aspects of teenagers’ everyday social life by building their personal and group identities, their social relationships and social networks, and allows for them to engage in intense social interactions with members of their peer groups beyond parental control.  In the research article “The Impact of Mobile Use on Teenagers’ Socialization” the researchers did an experiment to see how teenagers believed mobile phones impacted how they socialize.  The researchers made a questionnaire asking questions about their use of mobile communication.  After the study was conducted and the results were analyzed, the researcher believes that it is pretty obvious that the use of cell phones have increased social interactions among teenagers.  With this being the first empirical study of this topic, however, it is suggest by the researchers that more studies should be conducted before any solid conclusions are made. 

               One element of research that was used in this study was the use of information.  Although the researchers did not have a clear and concise conclusion to provide at the end of the article, they did provide a lot of background information about the topic.  They referred to this as the “Theoretical Background” due to the lack of studies that have been conducted.  Once the researchers collected all of their data from the questionnaires, they were able to convert the answers provided into quantitative data which they discussed thoroughly using tables and charts in the results section.  At the end of the results section, they did state the information that may be contrary to the conclusion that their research results gave them which lead them to say that further investigation must be conducted in order for any real conclusion to be determined.  In my opinion, the researchers did an excellent job providing information related to the question they were trying to answer.  If you would like to check out the research article for yourself, I have attached the permalink to it below.

Kalogeraki, S., & Papadaki, M. (2010). The Impact of Mobile Use on Teenagers' Socialization. International Journal Of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, 5(4), 121-134.

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