High Profile Rape Charges

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      Joanne Belkins (2010) talks about the severity of rape, how hard it is to report, and how hard it is to discredit. In the introduction she specifies that 95% of college women don’t report being raped. Meaning that only 5% of rape victims are reported to the police! Dr. Belkins goes into detail trying to discuss “determining whether rapes are real, is intensely entangled in rape myths that blame victims, excuse rapists, and erroneously support that false rape claims are a problem“ (Belkins 2010). The article goes into more depth, talking about the complaintents and defendants of different races, and social class. Such as big star athletes such as Kobe Bryant, and the 3 Duke University Lacrosse Players. She goes into more detail on the matter but eventually concludes saying that we need to continue to improve public and criminal legal system awareness about what constitutes rape and to fight rape myths.

     The main assumptions underlying the author’s thinking are with Kobe Bryant’s case an African American man, and a white woman. While the other, involved the 3 white Duke lacrosse players, and the African American girl. The story involving Kobe Bryant, goes on to explain that his attorney released the name of the girl into the media, so that there would be negative media attention. This proved to be very effective. Imagine being in her spot receiving death threats, and the national hostility that was brought towards her from the basketball fans. Eventually she agreed to stop the charges, for a monetary agreement, and an apology from Kobe Bryant himself. This turned out to make the victim seem like a “gold digger.” However was it easier to just take the money deal, and just move on emotionally, or was it fake and it was just for the money? Who really knows? For more information about the Duke Lacrosse players, read this article. It was extremely interesting, and brought up valid questions, and issues with the topic of rape. I highly recommend it.







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What caught my attention was the interesting stat you put in the beginning of the blog about girls reporting rape. Rape is a serious issue all around especially in colleges, and here at Brockport college they make everybody aware of what rape is. Rape is a huge issue in colleges because of all the parties and drugs/alcohol that can take advantage of girls to help guys. Rape isn't always true when a girl claims she got raped because she could just say that to get a guy in trouble if she doesn't like him so I agree its hard to verify rape. Even in the case where the girl claimed Kobe Bryant raped her, who knows if she said it just because she wanted money or it actually happened its really hard to determine if a rape claim is legit. I would like to see you show more of the research part like the research design and some major conclusions in the findings but overall it was a great post and very interesting!

I agree with what you have stated in this review. The rape case with Kobe Bryant could easily be debated for hours and hours on end with no actual outcome. This case definitely shows what power the media possess and the amount of persuasion that can be attained by the public when aimed at one person. It also shows how this society when injustice is committed by a loved celebrity because of their status and social prestige they usually get away with the crime. (theoretically of course). It is because of this kind of event that many people, not just celebrities, think they can get away with different crimes.

It’s very unfortunate that rape occurs so often in society. In my opinion, to have the audacity to rape somebody is incredibly disgusting and low-minded. Living in Brooklyn, New York I’ve heard of rape cases on the news for as long as I can remember. According to the RAINN Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network, statistics show that every 2 minutes, someone in the U.S. is sexually assaulted and that there is an average of 267,868 victims (age 12 or older) of sexual assault each year. Victims who experience rape can be traumatized for a lifetime. In the case of Kobe Bryant, it is definitely debatable. Like you mentioned, who knows what really happened? The media had a big impact in this case and it shouldn’t have been that way. Not because someone is famous should they ever have more of a chance of getting away with a crime just because society bickers at the thought of injustice towards that person. Any crime committed should be punished for, no matter the status of the person who did it. However, who knows if this woman who accused Bryant just wanted money or was telling the truth? Nobody knows. I believe that the whole act of rape is outrageous and uncalled for and ANYBODY who commits this crime should be severely punished. I also feel that if a rape case is ever brought up it should always be deeply investigated.

Rape is a very serious issue in our society. Like you said rape often goes unreported. This may be because a lot of women are afraid no one will believe them and they are making it up. Sadly many people will not believe the rape victim just like in the Kobe Bryant case. No one really knows what happened and she could be telling the truth for all we know, but in our society famous or rich people can get away with anything as long as they have money. It is so upsetting that people are afraid to come forward because they are scared of getting harassed or being called a lair. There was a girl in my old high school who accused one of the star soccer players of raping her. No one believed her and she began to get harassed and eventually had to leave school. It was very heartbreaking that she was the one who had to leave school when she was the one telling the truth. I do also agree with you when you talk about how it is very difficult to determine if rape did actually occur. in many cases there is a strong possibility that the person could be lying about being raped.

Rape is a very serious issue. I had someone very close to me get raped, and what she went through to report it was very difficult, even with her father being a retired NYPD detective. its very upsetting that some people, women especially, are afraid to report being raped because they are scared of being harassed or accused of lying. i couldn't believe that only 5% of college women reported their rape. With the Kobe Bryant case it is upsetting that the society that we live in today we question whether or not the victim is lying or not. People honestly don't know if she was making that up or it really happened.the media has a big part in that also. some people are just truly looking to get on the media and to bring in a famous person like Kobe Bryant, the media was all over it. the article and research was very interesting to think about and it definitely put a new perspective on rape for me.

I found this article very interesting to read because I, myself know a victim of rape. Although the occurrence scarred her for life, she didn't want to tell anyone for fear of being the one blamed. The fact that, as reported in the article, only 5 % of all college rape victims report the assault, only proves that our generation has become a rape culture. The degradation of women has become so normalized that women themselves believe it is nothing to become uprooted about. People should become more informed of the numbers and statistics I feel like this will really wake people up and see what this generation is turning into. A culture that glorifies the blatant disrespect of women

It’s sad that rape is still an issue in today’s society and it is very sad that people try to make excuses for the attacker and blame the victim for the rape otherwise known as rape culture. Rape culture is a concept, which links rape and sexual violence to the culture of society, which normalizes, makes excuses or tolerates rape. I didn’t even know this term existed because there’s no excuse for rape regardless of where or what the person is wearing. Rape culture just makes it harder for victims to speak up and seek justice. So when you wrote that only 5% of rapes are actually reported to the police, that made complete sense. Your post reminds me of a woman that came to my college to speak about her first hand experience with rape. Her freshman year of college she was raped by a senior male who didn’t understand the word “no”. It took her years before she could open up and speak to someone. I couldn’t even imagine what she went through having no say for what happens to her own body.
Also, race and social status plays a role in any legal situation in my opinion. For example, the girl that accused Kobe Bryant was targeted by basketball fans and basically blaming her for making such accusations. The media also plays a role in well-known rape cases by only reporting certain information to make the public believe one thing over another. The fact that the media and regular civilians blame rape victims is mind blowing and I can somewhat understand where rape victims come from in regards of not wanting to report the rape. They fear the reaction of others. Your post caught my attention because crimes against women always make me wonder what woman deserves to be mistreated.

I chose to comment on this because of the statistic that is present in the first couple of sentences really stood to me. I cannot believe that only 5% of college women actually report rape. I understand why some women would not want to relive the memories or the fear behind reporting the person. But rape is something that should not be taken lightly. The fact that this statistic only applies to women in college is frightening. I can only imagine the number of women that do not report rape. The other fact that was brought up was that depending on the ethnicity, we look differently at the situation and I totally agree. Depending on the ethnicity we do look at the situation differently. We have been socialized with the media to classify different ethnicity in different categories and what they are more “capable” to do.

Rape is a very hard subject to discuss and also, to know if it is true. For instance, if a girl gets rape but does not really have a proof, it is hard to determine if what she is saying is true or not. Though, I believe that teachers and representatives should talk about rape a lot more in school. I go to Champlain College in Montreal and I do not think that people talk about it enough and warn the students how much of a serious issue it is. With all the parties that college students go to, I think that it is relatively easy for a guy to get a girl aside and rape her without her knowing and she won't even remember the next day, therefore she won't be able to report him. It is very important to be careful and especially girls, they should always have their drinks in their hands and not put it aside and come back to get it a while later.

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