Even the Rain is not Free

by jbrad4 on November 18, 2013 - 6:58pm

            Even in the Rain takes place in Bolivia in the year 2000 and is directed by Icaiar Bollain. Bolivia is one of the poorest countries in South America. Sebastian and Costa, Mexican film makers originally arrived in Bolivia to make a film exemplifying Christopher Columbus’ greed and exploitation of native people in his conquest of the new world. However, Sebastian and Costa arrive in Bolivia during the water privatization crisis. The World Bank forced President Hugo Banzer to privatize water or the World Bank would stop providing Bolivia with state loans. The film exemplifies the struggle between the lower class and the Bolivarian army and police.

            In 2000 66.4% of the Bolivian population lived under the poverty line (United Nation Statistics Division). In 2000 the lower classes were protesting the privatization of the water supply company SEMEPA. The World Bank plays a large role in the economy of Bolivia, due to military dictatorship for many years until the 1980’s. The economy of Bolivia was needless to say in an economic meltdown. The World Bank supported Bolivia and felt that “poor governments are often too plagued by local corruption and too ill equipped to run public water systems efficiently.” Therefore the World Bank forced the Bolivian government to privatize the water system.

           The world banks goal is “a world without poverty” but the real question is how the World Bank plans on that to happen. Especially, while they are forcing Bolivia, a country where the majority of people live on less than two dollars per day, to pay for the water that falls from the sky.The protests that we see in Even in the Rain are quite rowdy. Daniel, one of the main actors in the movie being filmed by Sebastian and Costa, also plays a large role in the riots. Daniel and Sebastian’s friendship truly flourishes and Sebastian receives a gift of gratitude from Daniel. The two men who were originally from very different backgrounds bond over the fight for the water.  In the beginning of the movie Sebastian and Costa plan on getting  in and out of Bolivia as fast and cheaply as possible. Sebastian and Costa don’t understand the big deal about the water but by the end of the movie specifically Sebastian makes a deeper, understanding connection with the native people of Bolivia.




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