The Effects of Music Videos

by jmari5 on November 4, 2013 - 7:57pm

Music videos are a part of media that all teenagers and college students watch, and the effect of them was brought to the attention of researcher Ward and some of her colleagues. Ward was interested in conducting an experiment to see if music videos influenced young adult’s perception on sexual interactions, especially those with a violent matter. This was accomplished by having a group of 132 college students each watch a music video. Half of the students either watched a video with high sexual context (a Jessica Simpson music video) or a video with low sexual context (a Faith Hill music video). After they watched it, they were asked to complete a worksheet describing a rape scenario, and were asked to evaluate the male's guilt, the female's responsibility, and their sympathy for the victim. Then, students completed a sexual belief scale that measured five attitudes about rape—token refusal, leading on justifies force, women like force, men should dominate, and no means stop. The results show that men who watched the video with the high sexual context were more likely to find the man in the rape scenario guilty of rape then the men or women who watched the video with the low sexual context.

            The main purpose of this article was to show how music videos and scenes of women portrayed as sex objects effected ones belief on what rape was. I thought the experiment was unique and interesting, but it brought up some questions from me. The results were interesting, due to the fact that men who watched the high sexual context video thought the man in the scenario was not guilty of rape, but it got me thinking. I think that no matter what, women are more likely to accuse a man of rape, than a man is to accuse a man of rape. Statistics show that women are more likely the victims of rape, so in my opinion, women are the ones to point it out more than men. Other than that, I think the research and experiment was interesting and brought up some good points, that media is influencing teenagers and our culture.


Burgess, M. R., & Burpo,S. (2012). The effect of music videos on college students’ perception of            rape. College Student Journal, 46(4), 784-763.


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