Education is Gold

by vbibk1 on November 18, 2013 - 11:30pm

“Sugar Cane Alley” (Palcy, 1983) was probably one of my favorite movies out of the ones from our film series. I think the fact that there are so many children around the world that are not able to receive an education, even today, is really unfortunate. In my personal experiences, I had a friend that was from Korea and was going to school over here and almost every day, he would tell me how lucky I was to be able to go to school and even live in America in general. I never quite knew what to say because we take everything we have for granted. We, well at least I know I do, complain about having to get up at seven in the morning to go to school for seven hours and have hours and hours of homework afterwards. I never stopped to think about what my life and what my future would look like if I wasn’t able to get an education. All of the dreams I had growing up as a kid would not be possible. I wouldn’t be able to pursue what I wanted to do and I certainly wouldn’t be living the lifestyle I’ve become accustomed to.

My favorite character in the movie was definitely the grandmother. The amount of work that she put in to see her grandson through school was astounding and very moving. She could’ve been like most of the parents in the movie, and had her grandson working in the sugar cane fields with her as soon as he got strong enough so that they would have a semi-steady income. But she understood that the only way out of the lifestyle they lived was for her grandson to get an education and she was going to do everything she could to get him there. The nice part was that the grandson understood and appreciated everything that his grandmother did for him. He didn’t slack off when he got to school, he tried his best and it paid off. I think one of the reasons he understood how lucky he was to be going to school was when his friend that also received a scholarship to move to the next level was removed by her father because he had to think of the other kids in the family that were not able to get to school and the extra income they could receive by the girl going to work in the fields rather than paying money for her to go to school. This movie was such a good example of how much people value education and understand how education is the way for one to have a good future but also how it is not an equal opportunity thing. Only the most dedicated people with a way of paying for it can have the future that we take for granted.


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I fully agree with you! We as a society take everything for granted especially our education! Lately I've been taking advantage of my privilege of going to school everyday. I complain, and complain about everything and rarely do I sit down and think about how many people around the world would do anything to be put into my position.Some kids dream about going to school, while we complain and fuss about every single detail. Not everyone has the opportunity to get an education and have a good future, but we do, yet we still complain and take things for granted.

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