Distance makes the heart grow fonder...

by jbrad4 on November 4, 2013 - 6:04pm

Long Distant Relationships

Geographic separation occurs between partners for a variety of reasons and is one of the hardest parts of a relationship. My article focuses on clarifying pervious research on long distance quality relationships and closer proximity quality. The quality was measured upon happiness, satisfaction and communication. Some studies have found that those in long-distance dating relationships tend to have lower levels of relationship quality when compared to their close-proximity relationships (Cameron & Ross, 2007; Van Horn et al., 1997). The article also discusses how long distance partners felt less of a companionship than close proximity relationships.  However my article also discusses how in a study by Stafford & Merolla, Stafford & Reske found that long distance couples actually had higher levels of quality which contradicts what Cameron and Ross and Van Horn stated. Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Not all the time.

The main point of my article basically touched upon how people with geographic separation feel about their relationships. The article states several reasons that partners in long-distance relationships want higher relationship quality than those in close-proximity relationships. One reason is that distance might serve as a filter for certain types of partners. In deciding whether or not to enter into or maintain a romantic relationship with a particular partner, individuals may “set the bar” higher when it comes to long-distance relationships. “Setting the bar higher” causes issues in itself. When a partner asks for too much the other may become annoyed and feel that they are putting more into the relationship than there partner. They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder but that is not always the case.





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This article caught my eye because it is not a usual topic that many people discuss but also it is something that is relevant to us college freshman. Being in college I feel like everyone around me is in a relationship with someone that they do not go to college, I am definitely not one to judge however because I too am in a long distant relationship with my boyfriend who goes to college in Washington, D.C. I can agree with the article when it states that long distance relationships can be incredibly difficult. Although I enjoyed the topic you chose for your article I wished you would of elaborate more on evidence the article provided about why long distant relationships are difficult to have. You cite two different articles in your summary that have contradicting views on the companionship level in long distant relationships. Cameron and Ross Van Haren states that long distant relationships have “lower levels of relationship quality when compared to their close-proximity relationships”. While a study by Stanford and Merolla state that “that long distance couples actually had higher levels of quality”. I am curious to know which side you agree with, or to know what opinion you have on this matter. When you include your opinion in your writing it helps the reader engage more and it makes the article more enjoyable to read. Overall I really liked your topic of choice; it was interesting, not a usual topic, and something that I and many other students in college can identify with. To improve on your writing I would just advice to add your own opinion or reason why you chose the topic, great job!

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