Cyber Bullying: Juvenile Officers Step In

by vbald1 on October 11, 2013 - 9:09pm


The problem with cyber bullying is that it is not just something that hurts someone’s feelings; cyber bullying can make a child feel alone and can often lead to suicide or intentionally hurting themselves. It is a hard situation to take care of because parents don’t always check over their child’s shoulder as they are online, or check their text messages to see if they are being harassed, or even harassing someone else. Most children take part in cyber bullying in order to look “cool” or get attention from others. I believe that the thought behind a juvenile officer telling students starting in 6th grade the consequences of cyber bullying is awesome. I was bullied in 7th grade, which was 6 years ago, and when it was brought to the attention of the administrators, they didn’t know how to handle it because it was one of the first times they have heard of cyber bullying. This article was something I could relate to and it is so good to know that officers are stepping in to prevent cyber bullying starting at the middle school level. Cyber bullying is not a topic that should be taken lightly. It makes a child feel alone and feel like they have no one to turn to. This is hard to handle at such a young age, but you grow from it and learn from it as well. School counselors, administrators and officers should take every chance they get to try and prevent a child from being bullied in any way, especially when it is happening behind the comfort of a computer screen or cellphone.


Thaxter, K. (2010). Cyber Bullying: Challenges and Strategies Faced by Juvenile Police Officers. Journal Of Social Sciences (15493652), 6(4), 527-529. 


I was drawn to this article because of its catchy title. I think that this is a very relevant topic in the society we live in today. Bullying has always been a problem in schools. I however think that it has become a lot easier to be a bully in today’s society. I think that bullies are now able to hide behind all this new technology. They don’t even have to come face to face with their victims. Another thing about cyber bullying is that a lot of the times it is done very publicly. Once something is posted onto the internet, everyone can see it in a manner on seconds. It can be very humiliating for the victims of cyber bullying. I think that this leads to greater problems in our society such as suicide. I think that it is very important for people to know how their bullying is impacting their victims. I think that it is great that juvenile officers are stepping in and trying to raise awareness. It is an important issue that should not go unnoticed. During my senior year of high school, I myself was involved in an anti-bullying campaign my school started in order to raise awareness of the impact bullying has on its victims. We had a simple slogan that said “Tolerance helps everyone. Raising awareness makes sense”. I thought it was a great campaign seeing as though it was run by our teachers and staff members. It is important to know that we can always trust the people around us when we need help and I think this campaign reinforced this message.

I think that this article is very important, I'm glad people are taking this topic seriously. The internet is both a fun and dangerous place. Cyber bullying is much easier than bullying face to face, because you don't have to reveal your identity. Many websites,for example Tumblr and offer you the option of sending something to someone anonymously. This makes standing up to the "cyber bully" harder for the victim because you don't know who is sending these hurtful words.

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