The Correlation Between the Increased Behavioral Problems Existing in Children With Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Parenting Stress

by shannonnye1 on October 21, 2013 - 7:54pm


The purpose of this article was to identify whether or not stress on parents has a strong effect on children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and to also determine whether it increased the behavioral problems that exist within the child or if the stress of the parent increased the severity of the child's ASD. Researchers evaluated 65 children and the families in which they came from. They monitored the parents stress at Time 1 and Time 2 along with the childrens severity of ASD and their behavioral problems. The time between T1 and T2 was 9-10 months. Amongst these times the stress levels of the parents had dropped however comparing it to the child's severity of ASD which had remained the same there seemed to be no correlation. Relating the change of stress in the parents to the behavioral problems displayed by the children, there was a correlation. The children seemed to have a decrease in behavioral problems throughout this time. The results show that stress on parents will not increase the severity of the child's ASD, however will increase the behavioral problems that they display.


One element that could be used to evaluate this article is information. The information and data presented in this article helped back up the answer they provided for the question of whether or not stress on parents has an affect on a child with Autistic Spectrum disorder. Meeting with doctor after doctor to be informed that your child has been diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder is no doubt very stressful. This article showed the strong correlation that exists between the stress parents face and the behavioral problems that exist in the child very well. The studies that were presented in this article showed  that stress on parents does have an effect on a child with ASD. This information explained their ideas about how stress on a parent will affect a child with ASD and in what way. I believe this article displays the information well and shows how the information gathered correlates with their results. Often times when parents are stressed they tend to react in many different ways. Stress may cause them to interact with the child in a more distant manor. Also parents of a child with ASD are often required to be more reactive than they would be with an average child. When a parents level of stress rises their ability to patiently respond to the child's behavioral problems decreases. The constant stress of having a child with ASD may often lead to changes in the personalities of the parents. Studies show that a person's parenting style may change if their personality does also. Stress may cause a parent to have lack of emotion or feeling towards the child or little social interest. Displaying this kind of attitude towards the child can only be a disadvantage to them. After reading this article and analyzing the information and data given we can recognize the continuous cycle that can take place amongst a child with ASD and a parent. In many cases the parent faces stress soon after they have learned that their child suffers from ASD. This is a normal reaction in response to hearing life changing news. However displaying this stress towards the child can only lead to more damage. The child will react to the stress being displayed by the parent often times by displaying more behavioral problems. Once the parents have to deal with the increase in behavioral problems they become more stressed and the cycle continues.


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