5-to-1 Mental Health

by ksira1 on September 13, 2013 - 11:21am


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Why do we only remember what negative things our partner’s say to us? Do you know how your brain works? What parts are affected by negative and positive thoughts? Try and make it a routine to compliment your partner daily, this will benefit the relationship immensely.



This articles purpose is to reflect on how couples treat each other and when negative things are said they stick in the brain more than positive things do. I found that the statistic of 5-to-1 was extremely interesting and would never have thought it took that much to balance it out. Then the article listed things you could do to build up a routine of telling your partner how much you care and complimenting them at least twice a day. One big gift like a romantic dinner or fancy piece of jewelry can’t fix or dismiss what negative things may have happened lately. Which I think is super interesting because we see people trying to make-up for these types of problems every day. I don’t see any problems with this article and have no concerns. There is logic in this article as well as clarity and fairness.  


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