Adderall Admiral

by Keegan B on December 6, 2012 - 2:40pm

Do you really believe that taking Adderall is affecting the society? Adderall boosts concentration, which helps you get better test grades or increase your overall average. Studies show that 7% of students use Cognitive-Enhancing Drugs, such as Adderall or Ritalin. Someone that takes Adderall won’t have any different side-effects than a person that needs the pill because it’s a central nervous system stimulant.               
                The ARMY gives soldiers stimulants to decrease sleep and stay alert. Depriving someone of sleep can affect a person’s mind and can even alter reality. So, if someone that is responsible to protect our country with lethal weapons can consume stimulants then why must our scholars, that have to test our brains every day, be gridlocked from this “smart pill”?
                   The NFL placed Adderall on the ban list in 2006. Many players have been suspended or even let go because of the severity of the ban. Many fans and players think the policy for performance enhancing drugs may seem strict, but to me they seem that it’s more rigid than anything. It is still rough around the edges because there is always a person willing to help out famous star players, which means players could claim that they are prescribed the medication so they can be exempt. I have faith in the policy because it has to set a bar and start somewhere. The NFL committee can always modify the policy to make it flexible so it can benefit and please both parties of the policy dispute. If they flex the policy they can make sure players that are prescribed get the right files to exempt them.
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