Law as a social science post 3

by Justin Arsneault on December 2, 2015 - 7:13pm

Blog Post 3: Law as a Social Science and Approaching law as a field of Study - Justin Arseneault


Personally when i look at law and social science i jump immediately to the idea of laws reflecting societal values and an understanding of how to affect values, what affects them and why so. And in looking at the how, what, why of the situation we come to understand the systems at play and their functionality.

By looking at culture, the groups in play, power dynamics and the effectiveness and styles of authority of a nation you can predict and understand how laws are made, why the punishments are what they are and the likelihood of the law itself being fixed or modified to further pinpoint it's target purpose.


In looking at both social science and the world of law we take part in the action of studying Jurisprudence and through jurisprudence people in the legal field can understand what to challenge and what not to challenge, or the need for modification within laws. Because once the law is understood it's easy to practice and easy to discover what you can do in terms of options within the courtroom.


And in looking at how to study law we come to a good question, because in no way is there a one perfect infinite dimensional way of studying the law, because the law continuously evolves and changes and different version of the study of law are needed at different times for different things. But i consider it most important to study law as a system of evolution, to look at how it evolves, morphs and than better works to serve it's purpose, so in someway as a political-biological machine of society. Because of the importance of study, i will not and cannot say that it is however the best way to study, by looking at it in terms of evolution of law we see it as a the social scientist would, if we look at the law the perspective of politics we see why people push for certain laws to be created, when we look at it from a media perspective we see how people are influenced into seeing a law as just or unjust and how the perception is just or unjust, so in the end there is no better way to study the law through, all ways have merit, but if i were to choose one i would look at it from a social science perspective. As i view understanding the purpose, the goals and what the next logical step is in the modification or creation of law based on societal values as most important as theorycrafting and pattern analysis are fun for me and i think that prediction and analysis are key in holding a position in terms of the law and to hold opinions on the law would mean to evolve them and change the position to match the laws themselves and be capable of critiquing the effectiveness of the change and the values of it are key as well.


In the end whatever field people do study in terms of the law is good, there can be no wrong answer in looking at the law because the law is not one thing it is many, it is a personification of the idea of legion, for it has many forms and many ways of looking at it.